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...and it's back.

I woke up this morning just to be greeted by the same horrible pains I experienced yesterday. It was worse though... I couldn't even find a position to sit/lay in to lessen the pain. Luckily, a hot shower helped a lot. This is really ridiculous though, what the hell is wrong with me? Nur is taking me to the Health Center in a little bit, and if push comes to shove, I might go back to San Ramon and go to Kaiser up there (why aren't there any down here? Arg!). We live about two seconds from a hospital, but I don't want to burden my parents with the bills from there if there is someway I can make it home safely and when I'm not feeling like I've been trampled.

On the upside, my Storm Hawks download finished! I've been curious since sjen first talked about it, and now I get to watch it~ yaaaaay~ Oh, and my Burst Angel TV and Tylor OVA sets came in yesterday. Huzzah, new things to watch! ♥
Tags: anime, injury, life
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