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The New Year and That Mysterious Pain

So New Year's Eve was a typical geek party. Nik, Audrey, and Stephen came over and we watched You Tube videos, chatted, and played Guitar Hero 3 and Resident Evil for the Wii while eating all sorts of junk food that probably should be consumed. (Oh god those cookies made my stomach hurt so badly)

The past few days have been filled with lounging and doing not much of anything. This would be wonderful if I hadn't developed some sort of horrible complex that makes me feel incredibly guilty if I'm not working/going to class most of the day. My actions from the last few days have led to strange work-related nightmares. Bleh. I've been trying to finish the story boards for my Orichalcum comic, but I'm at the fight scene, and I suck royally trying to convey epic action. However, even with my slow speed, I think I'll finish the storyboards tomorrow.

This afternoon I developed a horrible pain in the right side of my lower back. It felts like someone had stabbed me with a red-hot knife and forgotten to remove the weapon. The pain caused me to become nauseous, so I went upstairs to sit in the shower and let the hot water massage the area in pain. Suddenly, my hearing became muffled and my sense of balance was thrown out the window. The hot water helped, but I ended up sitting in various positions in my room for the next two hours to try to allieviate the pain even more. Once I got in a good position and thought the pain was gone, POOF! it as back. Bleh. I'm feeling much better now, but I'm a bit worried about this. I had something similar happen a year ago, and the same area occasionally hurts when I walk to class in the mornings. I think there may be something wrong with that area... I'll try to go to the health center this week or early next week (if it's not open because of the break).

To end this entry on a happier note, Nur finished Half Life 2 Episode 2 last night. He has played through all the Half Life games on the Orange Box now. They're pretty interesting, but I wish there was more story. And Episode 2 ending like THAT? W. T. F. He's going to start playing BioShock again this evening. Yay!!
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