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I woke up way too early so I could get my stuff together for tomorrow and wrap the rest of the presents that were sitting in my room. All is fine and dandy until I get to the sweatshirt I got for my cousin. A little backstory... he wanted a Red Sox hooded sweashirt. Okay, whatever, I have nothing against the team. BUT THEIR SWEATSHIRTS ARE SO UGLY. After (I kid you not) something like 14 hours of searching online, I finally find one that's not out of stock and not bright firetruck red. I order it and get the fastest shipping I can. So, they send it late (I ordered this two weeks ago, so later than I should have, but still with some time to spare), and when it gets here it looks much girlier than I thought it would. MAJOR SUCK. Anyway, this morning I take it out of the protective plastic wrapping to put it in a box and... IT'S A SIZE SMALL. FUNNY, I THOUGHT I ORDERED AN XL. *looks at order sheet* HUH WHAT DO YOU KNOW I DID. Of course, since we're leaving tomorrow, there's no way to get a new one in time. I feel really bad for having to give him a girly and small sweatshirt. I'm going to exchange it and everything, but it makes me feel like I really messed up. Bleh, bleh, bleh.

I'm going to watch some Yu-Gi-Oh GX while I pack to make myself feel better.

OH OH OH and
Hope your day rocks! ...although I guess it's probably already they 23rd there...
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