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Yesterday I caught up on subbed Ryuusei no Rockman episodes and finished Oh! Edo Rocket. I really want to talk about how awesome they both are, but I don't think I could do them justice. Ok, well, Ryuusei isn't the most fantastic thing ever, but it's just such a fun show and I love the character designs. I think there's only one episode left, then it'll be time for Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe! I'm so excited. Ah, Oh! Edo though... it's just such a shame more people aren't into this series. There is good action, wonderful characters, a good story, and there are tons of awesome anime references (Death Note, Gurren Lagann, and FMA are just some of the few that come to mind right away). The character designs are a bit different, but it's like Noein... give it a few episodes and you'll get used to them and discover that holy crap this series is awesome. So I guess I did try to say how awesome they are. *shrug*

I'm trying to catch up on Yu-Gi-Oh GX because I love the retardedness of the series. I generally skim through the battles since they're generally the same thing over and over again, so I get through episodes pretty past. This is good, because I'm probably about 100 episodes behind right now. Ouch.

I applied for Jacuzzi in a Baccano! RP, but he was taken by someone else. The person who will be playing him is a writer, so they'll probably do a much, much better job than I ever could, so I'm sad, but I think this is best. I'd love to join still, but I think Jacuzzi is the only one I could really even think about doing justice for. I'd love to try Graham, but I only know a little bit about him from posts in the community and from fanart. So... I'd probably play him totally ooc. Oh well, maybe I can try to apply for him after his episode comes out.

I sent out every holiday card except for one, and that one will be sent out shortly. Sorry I'm sending them so late, hopefully they'll all arrive on time or what-not. Ahh! Ahh! That reminds me! jen_kat!! I got your card ages ago, thank-you! I keep forgeting to say that. And I keep forgetting to say thanks to bookchan for the Kira charm she gave me at Y-Con! Thank-you, I put it on my wallet and I'm always playing with it, because the backside is so soft~!♥

Nur and I went to a X-mas party last night. It was small, just heavenly_spin, tsurara_mai, Steebu, and the two of us, but it was a lot of fun. We played Rockband for a long time, and I was really, really bad, but I had a great time. Nur was the singer most of the time and he was incredible. I think I'll have to try to invade some friends' homes when I get back to SLO so I can play it again.

I got Kekkaishi 11 yesterday after some issues with my old order for it. Man, this series is so freaking awesome. I want more now. NOOOOWWWWWW. I guess one good thing about my order coming so late is that there is less time until the next volume comes out!

...I also want Ghost Hound 9. Really badly.
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