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San Francisco and Family Affairs

Life has been chilly in good ol' San Ramon. I think I'm some sort of reptile, I can't seem to get warm.

On Thursday I made a trip to San Francisco to visit Viz and make a stop at Kinokuniya. Viz was AWESOME. I got to meet khyungbird and he let me hang out for a while. I got to say hi to a bunch of people I worked with and around when I was an intern. I really miss working there. I also got to meet some really awesome new people and had chatted about, what else? Anime and manga. I really hope I'm able to get a full-time job there sometime. I really like lettering, but there are so many cool people in the office, I'd like to talk with them more often. =3

I was called twice while at Viz to see where I was. My mom told my sister after my answer was Viz for the second time that I had to be lying. Oh yeah, what would I lie about? What reason is there for me to lie about being at Viz? Oh! The truth is, I was chilling with my fisherman buddies on the wharf. Or maybe my street crossing guard friends near one of the middle schools. Totally. I mean, come on, where would I go? She already knew that I was going to Japan Town afterwards (even though earlier that day she claimed I had never told her *sigh*). Whatever.

After I left Viz I hiked over to Japan Town. This is a bit of a long trip, but I was stupid and made it a very long trip this time. My mom was freaking out about me walking through the Tenderloin, so I decided to skirt it and try a different route. The route was really beautiful and I enjoyed the walk, but I went over more hills that I would have liked! I had to hurry at Kinokuniya, because I was supposed to meet my little sister at a specific time. That didn't stop me from buying much more than I should have (my wallet is weeping). I was able to get my hands on the limited edition of Pluto v5, Pumpkin Scissors v8, Historie v3 and 4, Bleach 31, and Arcana v3. They also had some really inexpensive clear posters, so I picked up a bunch of those. My favorite is a gorgeous Mushishi one. The picture is the cover of the second manga volume. I also was able to get some of the books that people back at school requested, so I felt pretty accomplished.

I met my little sister in the Westfield mall at 5:30. We just sat around for a while because we were both so exhausted. She had some shopping to do, so I tagged along. We decided to go to CPK for dinner and had a wonderful time. Our waitress noticed I was reading (or at least attempting to read) Pumpkin Scissors, and that led to a discussion about manga and anime. It turns out she was a exchange student in Japan for a year and developed a love for Detective Conan. Freaking awesome. She told me about a good site to get anime from. Also freaking awesome. After dinner my sister and I went to wait outside our mom's class until her class was over. Then we went home. Wheee, yay!

As many people know, I work every day of the week. It's a choice, I could work harder Monday through Friday, but I prefer to spread my work out a little bit more. My schedule does not change when I go home. After over two years of this, you would think my parents would know this. Alas, it seems they forget every time. Well, my mother forgets.

I woke up this morning utterly exhausted. I wasn't in the mood to start work right away, so I decided to go grocery shopping with my dad. When we got back, I started work. Work kind of sucks right now because I'm trying to get a bunch of really time consuming pages that I had been skipping done. I work for a while, take a break to get some food, then work some more, then take a break to practice the Lucky Star dance, then work some more. At about 2 my sister asks to help find one of our cats because he needs shots. I go downstairs to find my sandals missing. Where are they? My mom has taken them. Now, if I had taken her shoes, I would get into a lot of trouble, but I guess it's perfectly fine for her to take mine. We get Loki and we put him in the room his sister is in so we can put them in their boxes right before my mom takes them. I sit in the room and watch them to make sure they don't fighting when my sister comes in and asks if I will go with my mom to the vet. You know, usually I would go. I really would. It would give me more time to hang out with the cats. But I'm in the middle of work. So I say that and ask why she isn't going. She tells me that she's getting dropped off at Target. My mom rushes in and I tell her that I can't go with her because I need to finish work and she gets mad at me! "We ALL have work to do!" She tells me, and I tell her I know and head to the stairs. She yells at me, "WE ALL HAVE WORK TO DO!!!!" I really wanted to turn around and yell back, "I KNOW. I'M GETTING MINE DONE."

It makes me so angry that apparently my work is the least important out of everyone's. She still seems to think that I'm just playing around, that because I work with manga it must not be a real job. What the hell is up with that? And nevermind that it's perfectly fine for my sister to go shopping instead of helping my mom, but it's not okay for me to do my job instead of helping her. I even offered to walk with my sister to Target because I have business in the area, but I guess that's just not good enough.

Screw my mom understanding my job and how much I enjoy it, I just wish she treated me the same way she treats my siblings sometimes. I know, I know, that sounds so whiney, but I just can't understand why she'd be so hard on me ALL THE TIME because I can't help her every time she needs it since I have to do my job, but she lets my sister lounge around all day. I think I really just want a little more respect. I know she hates manga, but can't she try to appreciate how much I love it and can't she understand that this is MY JOB? Ugh, I just don't know.

I think half the reason I wrote this was to waste time instead of doing work to spite my mom. Maybe. Damn, I'm really long-winded, aren't I? And it's not even good long-winded, it's just sloppy. Sorry. Well, I've got to finish this work so I can read some JoJo or something.
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