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One Dream, Two Dream

First, Nur got out internet fixed. Yay! Second, I have two crazy dreams last night.

In the first dream, I was watching everything happen. Jacuzzi was driving two or three people in this old car. He was going across a desert or something, and when he reached a main road, a policeman stopped him. He said he had to take him into the station, but Jacuzzi said he couldn't go because one of the women in the car was pregnant. Somehow, that allowed him to get away, and made my dream move onto the next stage. It turned out the pregnant woman was a dragon. She really didn't look like one though... she looked like a human but had two little dragon wings. Anyway, there were a lot of others like her there. That's all I remember about the dream.

For the second dream. I was actually a character. I was some sort of wild child from a lost civilization or something. I was wandering in the desert when this flying ship came by and stopped to rescue me. It was like a galleon, but it could fly. I had to be careful when I was making my way towards it, because there were there long, snake-like ant lion things all over, and every indent in the sand probably meant that there was one of them there. The people on the ship knew me, so they were happy to see me again. One of the mentioned something about flying and a model, so I jumped out of the ship and ran back to pick up this small intricate model of a house or something. The captain saw it and decided we should go to my homeland. My homeland was in the desert, but had been abandoned for a long time. I was happy to go back and I ran around a lot looking at everything. The crew had a good time too, because they could take whatever they wanted since there was no one living there anymore.

As I explored, I was followed by this little robot thing and the captain (whose name was Ramirez, I think). They were talking about me. We passed an area with a cage, and the little robot talked about how I used to fight in there and I could take out many foes. He said that he wanted to find this special weapon that would allow me to fight so well again. It was at this point, I started having flashbacks. The most memorable one was me having big white feathered wings and flying just over the sand. I was so close I could point my hand down and I would touch the sand. My dream went back to the "present," and I found myself at a laser-protected wall. I wanted to get through, so I touched it, but it burned me. Robots on the other side came to the wall and started sitting there as if they were watching me. My little robot protector friend thing started hacking in to make the laser wall go away, but being the stupid wild child I was, I touched the wall again and got burned. I yelped and shook my hand, but I really wanted to get through, so I tried again. This time, not only did I get burned, but the robots started shooting at me! I yelped again and hid behind a small protrusion in the wall. the captain came and helped the little robot break through. On the other side, there was a long hallway and a toy store! I was really excited, because I should have been able to take whatever I wanted from the toy store, but there were people there! My mother was there too, and she called me by my real name and yelled at me for wearing the same thing over and over again. I told her that I was wearing something different from yesterday, but she still yelled at me. At from getting through the wall to this point, I was half myself and half this wild child, but I let the wild child take over and I ran away from her, down a long corridor to where the library was. The library had a huge open central area, and I ran up one side of it so I could see if from a higher area. The little robot and the queen (??) were there. The view was really pretty... it was now night; the moon had risen and moonlight was streaming in through a hole in the ceiling. I tried to reach out and touch the moonlight, but that obviously didn't work very well. The queen thought it was cute, so she stretched out her hands too.

The dream cut back to the ship. The crew was all gathered on the main deck and they were discussing how to get into a specific country. The captain came up with this fantastic plan to forge a citizenship card, then sell it, then buy it, then give it away... or something. It sounded strange, but the logic he had behind it was incredible. We all decided to do that. I guess the captain also had a goal of finding out what happened to my wings, but I woke up right after that.

The first dream was strange, but the second dream was crazy-awesome-strange. Flying over the sand was such a cool feeling, even if was just a dream.
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