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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm spending the day doing freelance work, cooking (*phew* my part is done though, yay!), and working on corrections for my 10-page term paper of DOOM. I think I'll sneak some Hotel Dusk in there too though... that should make everything better. XD

Things that I have learned this break:

-I want to backhand my sister. Over and over and over.
-Doing work in my room, work that needs to be done and that I get paid for, is now referred to as "messing around."
-"Hey can you help me in Photoshop? Do you know how to resize things?" Actually means, "Hey, can you help me in Photoshop? Do you know how to resize things in AutoCad?"
-My sister needs to be backhanded.
-The fact that I do not know how to use AutoCad disappoints my mother greatly. Never mind that I have never and probably will never need it in my line of work, it's very disappointing.
-It is shocking that I read books that are not completely illustrated.
-It is a very bad thing that when I work mess around, I do it in my room away from people who may distract me.
-Eating fish is bad for me and since I like to eat fish, I must eat horribly.
-Not being around when my mom wants me to do something is BAD. Who cares if I am doing other things, if she wants something done, I better be RIGHT THERE.
-Not being around when my mom wants me to do something is REALLY BAD. Especially when I come down later to hear my little sister screaming and trying to force said task (which was given to her since I was TAKING A SHOWER) back onto me.
-Showing my sister how to do something but not actually doing the work for her is BAD.
-My sister needs to be backhanded SO FREAKING BADLY.
-Cubby is happy that I am home. I am happy that I get to see Cubby.
-Ghost Hound is really cool.
-My sister's school spirit is suffocating me.
-I have no idea how I will live here after I graduate.
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