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Announcing: Orichalcum

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce...


What is it?
Orichalcum will be an collection of original comics which all contain the theme clockwork and/or steampunk.

bluestraggler and I are working together to create this anthology as part of our senior project. We will get this professionally printed and sell it at (at least) one convention (Fanime Con) during the 2008 convention season.

What does it have to do with me?
We are looking for artists! It's hard to create an anthology with just two contributors, and I know there are a lot of amazing artists on my f-list. This is a chance to get your work out there! David Roman, comic editor for Nickelodeon Magazine says that getting your work out there is very important for freelance and comic artists. Editors would much rather work with someone who has gotten their work published (even with small publications) than someone who has not because it shows that they can get their work done in a set schedule and can follow directions. You can read more about that here.

You don't have to be a professional artist to be in this book! Come on, I'm putting a comic in it, and my pictures are about as good as paint splatter. Even if you think you're "not good enough," this is your chance to get printed. Please don't shy away from this opportunity because you do not appreciate your own art. =3

Well, what do I get out of it?
Financially? Probably nothing. When we sell the books, we will first collect the money to cover printing costs, then we will split the remainder (if any) equally between all the contributing artists. We will also send you one or two (depending on our print run) copies of the book. I'm hoping we'll be able to have a big enough run to send everyone two, so you can keep one in a portfolio and show one off to your friends, relatives, and neighbor's puppy.

What are the guidelines?
The book will be in black and white. Feel free to shade with markers, screentone, pencils, or whatever, but I'm not sure what method of printing will be used, so I cannot guarantee how well light greys will come out.

Page Size: 7"x5", feel free to use bleeds, as we will trim it down from a larger size
Minimum page count (per comic): 5 pages. There is no maximum page count.
Resolution: Minimum of 300ppi. 600ppi+ preferred.
Theme: Clockwork and Steampunk
Style: Whatever you want! Variety is loved. ♥
Rating: PG-13 or R-ish. No sex scenes or super graphic decapitation, but violence and a little bit of skin is probably okay.
Final Deadline: March 30th, 2008. There will be monthly checks to remind contributors and see how everyone is doing.

This is NOT a doujinshi, please only submit original works!

Orichalcum? Clockwork? Steampunk?
Orichalcum - Some say it's a mystical metal, some say it's "mountain copper," some say it's brass. The word is listed as being Latin for "brass," which is commonly used in steampunk inventions.

Clockwork - Time, gears, schedules, etc. Take it to mean what you like.

Steampunk - An era or world where steam power is very common. Often associated with cyberpunk and often carries a theme of rebellion. Think trains and zeppelins and uh, steam. Lots of steam.

You don't have to use both themes and you don't have make the themes a main part of the story, we just ask that at least one be present in your work so all the comics can have something to tie them all in together.

Interested? Any questions?
E-mail me at dragynstorm [at] gmail.com. Please title e-mails with "Orichalcum: Interested" or "Orichalcum: Question," or something that will make sense. =3

Thank-you for your time!
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