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All alone, all alone

I have lab Friday mornings 9-12. Today just happens to be our department's career fair as well. So I get to class and there is no one here. For the first hour people flit in and out to drop off stuff, but I'm the only one in here. It's a little lonely. I stopped by the career fair to sign in (I had to for another class), but I'm happy with my job right now, so I'm not looking for anything outside of the company. That gives me time to work on my portfolio website, which is the final project for this class.

But just so lonely.

I need Dreamweaver to really start putting stuff together, but my trial ran out after I finished the last project, and I have yet to go buy it. I was actually going to run up to the bookstore and buy it during lab, but since I'm the only one here, I don't want to leave everyone else's stuff unattended. My design is working, so I've started to cut it up and I'm ready to lay it out in Dreamweaver... as soon as I can go get it. =\ In the meantime, I'm just wasting time doing things that I really shouldn't be doing in class... reading fanfics, checking out 4chan, reading yaoi... but hey, no one is here~

If anyone is bored, here is my current layout. If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it. I'm not sold on the layout yet, so I'm totally open to suggestions. Oh, and the picture isn't mine, it's just filler until I figure out what I would put there. It's from MonochroCode. It just makes me happy whenever I open up the file to work on it. XD I really want to use a Baccano quote on my website on one of the pages, but I don't know what to use. Any suggestions?
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