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Sickness, Club Loss

Cut because it's a lot of whining.

Blarg. After the Halloween party, I began to feel distinctly unfabulous. I don't know if the stress had kept any illness away for the past few weeks, but it felt like illness was just waiting to jump on me Sunday morning. It's not exactly a bad illness, more like a weak cold, but it's still very annoying. My sinuses aren't very happy, I've been feeling feverish, and I get these strange pains... my right eye was hurting yesterday. I had to walk back from my morning class with it closed to alleviate some of the pain. After I took some medicine (for it and the throbbing headache it seemed to cause) it left but... weird...

It was unfortunate that this strange illness seemed to get nearly unbearable when I had a lot of things to do or turn in. I had a group paper to turn in, a midterm to take, and a presentation to give. Hahaha, it really wouldn't have been that bad, except all the studying I had done for the midterm didn't stick. I don't care about the subject, so I think my brain doesn't want to remember anything about the class. Blah. But! After the test, I felt lots and lots better! Perhaps most of the sickness was worry-endused stress? I do not know, but I do feel better than I did yesterday!!

A couple weeks ago, when I went to Yaoi-Con, I left the club's property in the hands of our treasurer. He was the highest ranking officer that would be there and he wants to be the president, so it was a good opportunity to let him take charge. From what I hear, the meeting went well. The real incident happened afterwards. We needed the club box for the Halloween party, because it had some club money in a container we needed and the DVD player we use. There's a it of confusion, no, you were supposed to bring it, yes, we never picked it up. After some searching, he tells us that he cannot find the box. Okay, well, since we're not showing our lineup during the party, I guess we can settle for the DVD player they have (and that washes everything out) and we can make a temporary cash box. But, we really need that box.

So, yesterday I poke the officer's yahoo group to see if the box has been found. Aaannnndddd, nope. It looks like it has been stolen. So, it being Tuesday night, we don't have the time to ha and hem about this! If we don't have those discs, we don't have a meeting this week. Our entire lineup was in that box. So, after some curt language, we get the discs ordered and they should be over-nighted to us. But ARRRRGGG!!! In the box was our soda money (probably around $40), our DVD player (~$90), the special cords we had to get to hook the DVD player to the projector to by pass their DVD player (~$30), and, like I said, our entire lineup (9 discs, ~$270 with shipping). That's a lot of money lost. I don't know if we will be able to afford remaking our club booth like we had planned, I don't know if we will be able to afford participation in Open House anymore. This is so frustrating! I want to blame it on him because he kept the box in a stupid place and he should have known that his door didn't close well. But, it's at least partially the fault of extremely bad luck. Goddammit, this is such a nightmare for club. We really don't have the money for this. He says he'll pay for some out of his pocket (good, I'm glad he's taking responsibility), but it's still going to be painful for club. And on a completely selfish note, seven of the nine discs lost were mine! I had JUST special ordered the second Ergo Proxy disc two weeks earlier. We've located and reordered everything, but it still angers me so much. Truthfully, the disc that I am upset about the most? Keaton. Arg, arg, arg.

On the upside, I've started work on the project part of my senior project. I still have a lot to do with the paper, but the project will take longest. bluestraggler and I are working together to make a comic anthology. I'll post details about it soon. I've been trying to work out the characters in my classes (whoops, bad student... actually, I can't concentrate if I don't do multiple activities so this is really helpful... but still, bad student), and each character get worked on in a different class. In my management class, I work on Claus. In my History of Modern Japan class, I work on Hyou. In my Web Design class I work on Cielra Claus and Hyou. Cielra is my main female character and I have no idea what she looks like yet, so I've been putting her off. >_>;; This story is definitely the result of too much Robo and Usakichi, Banya the Explosive Deliveryman, and Black Butler. XD;;;;

Heh. I don't get to use this icon much.
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