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Yaoi-Con Plans

I don't really have any set plans for the con... I'm definitely going to meet up with shiroro and her group at noon on Saturday to Lamento it up. I'll be at the Lamento panel later Saturday. I'll be cosplaying as Jujutsushi for most of the event (probably... it depends how comfortable the costume is). Friday I'll probably be Jacuzzi (lol, probably the most un-yaoi-ish character I cosplay, he's just easy to wear and I feel strange being at a convention and NOT cosplaying now) because I'll only be there in the afternoon.*kicks morning lab or retardness*

So yeah, I'll be...around. I'll definitely be with Nur most of the time... So if you see a hobo-cat-boy with a guy in a baseball cap, that's probably me. XD

Wheee, Y-Con, here I come~!
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