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Dennou Coil, The Skull Man, Ranting~

First off:

OMG DENNOU COIL 19 and 20 OMG HARAKEN AND YASAKO AND KANNA AND ISAKO AND OBAASAN AND MEGABA AND FUMIE AND KYOKO AND DENSUKE. HOLY HELLS MAN. HOLY HELLS. This series is so damn good, it makes me cry and be insanely jealous of the storytelling. Holy crap though, holy crap.


I finally watched the rest of The Skull Man after putting it down for almost five months. It was only a half season, so it wasn't hard to catch up. It was a good series. I thought the story was slow at first, but the second half of the series had my jaw on the floor. So many crazy things happened. And the ending! Gah! So frustrating!! At least one of my pairings ended up together. BUT BUT BUT What happened to my favorite character? Is he an evil bastard now? Arg!! The ending they had BEGS for a second series! Does any other Ishinomori fan know if this series followed the manga or not? I don't think it did, but if I'm wrong, I really need to find the manga and find out what happens next. X_X


ARG ASI I HATE YOU SO. I've been putting off yelling at them again, but tomorrow if the charter is not in, I'll be trying to civilly shove our E-plan down their throats. I've been in the Epicenter checking for the charter six times in the last four school days. I don't have classes up there, it's annoying to go up twice a day. I wish I could be really mean to them and kick asses until everything gets approved, but they have lots more power than I do, so anything rude I do to them will probably have an adverse effect on getting our papers approved. Seriously though, when you say "it'll be in within a week," it should be in WITHIN A WEEK. It's not our fault our advisor ran off without telling us (so we had to find a new one and so we turned it in later than we would have liked), it's not our fault I was given false information by the people that worked there TWICE. We have a good history with the school, can't they TRUST us? I don't think we've ever given them problems, and the janitors really like us because unlike most clubs (it seems) we actually take care of and clean up the rooms we use.


Having a different art style does not mean the artist is unskilled. For someone that reviews manga, they should understand this. It ticks me off when a series with a different art style gets bashed for its "ugly, juvenile art," when cookie-cutter art gets the thumbs up? Am I the only one that sees this as retarded? The series that was bashed does not have the most fantastic art ever or anything, but I think it's far from being ugly or juvenile.
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