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They are putting down tar around the building they are constructing next to the Graphic Communication building, so it smells really bad and it's hard to ignore the smell. I think they finished putting it down yesterday or early today though, because when I went to class this afternoon it wasn't as strong.

I had my website critique on Tuesday and it went well. I got some really nice comments, but my site really paled in comparison to everyone else's. I'll post a link to my site when I finish this weekend.

I've been trying to develop the thief character I had the dream about Monday morning. I've named him Nicholas Issac Arpin. If you understand where his middle and last names come from, you automatically win an internet. Nicholas is really interesting to try to work with, because he doesn't try to be a good guy. He doesn't steal to help people or to put people in their place, he steals because he likes it.

My favorite Baccano! fanart site, Monochro Code, updated today and has an adorable new top image. Jacuzzi ♥ He makes such a cute werewolf! Ummm, there are probably spoilers in the art, so proceed with caution, I guess.

I've also been frequenting 4chan's /cm/ boards, because yamikakyuu posted some Mononoke fanart she found from there last week, and I was hungry for more. There is so much awesome fanart there, I just wish the pictures came with sources so I could track down the artists!

Minna no Manga tomorrow~ I'm always excited for MnM~
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