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Anime: Mushiuta, Mononoke, Rental Magica, Ayakashi

First off, a million thanks to everyone who helped me out with my senior project research! It was all very helpful. I feel a lot better about turning in my second chapter. Thank-you!!!

I got finished my latest volume of work, and had two days until I got any new work, so I finished some series this week and started a couple... impressions inside, along with some questionably worksafe pictures. And spoilers. Of course there are spoilers. =D

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Kakkou looks like he is going to rape someone in 95% of the official art. =\

Well. I finally finished watching Mushiuta this morning. It was... okay. Definitely watchable, but nothing fantastic. I really wanted Daisuke to kick more ass, but he kind of let me down in the end. What the hell was up with the ending? There will be a second season, right? He can't just LEAVE like that! ...although Daisuke in school uniform with googles? Yeah, I like that. Highly approved. I was sad about RIna. Why did Nanahoshi have to look so creepy at the end? D= Kakkou looked cool... I wish he reached maturity, just because I want to see how it would look.

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Ayakashi: Bake Neko Arc

The BakeNeko arc is the last of three arcs in Ayakashi. Each arc is completely separate and has a different character designer and director (as far as I know). I haven't seen the two earlier arcs for the series.

Ohhhh man. I watched this after finishing Mononoke, but I really should have watched this first. IT. IS. SO. AWESOME. And pretty. Very, very pretty. I watched this arc with Jenn and we both went crazy over the adorable kitten in it. I want to do art for this series SO badly. And I want to cosplay as the Medicine Seller. I highly recommend the series. I think the art was a little tough to get used to, but it is SO worth it. It really is absolutely gorgeous.

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A lot of people recommended this series to me, so I used my time off to start the series. ...and then I couldn't stop watching it. O_O It's so pretty. 4chan had some Mononoke art threads, so I found tons of great links to gorgeous artsites from there. I didn't enjoy any of the five arcs as much as the Bake Neko arc of Ayakashi, but I thought they were all pretty awesome, especially the Bake Neko arc of this series. The Medicine Seller continues to impress me and make me drool over his looks and outfit. Again, I highly recommend this series.

It is because of this series, I can't hear small bells without thinking they are scales. =\

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Rental Magica

I've been reading the mange version of this series since it's start in Asuka a little while back and I really enjoy it. The anime, although it seems very cool, seems sort of... mediocre. I enjoy it and will continue to watch it for now, but it didn't really feel all that special. I really liked the crow beast and the demonic eye and the use of all sorts of different schools of magic, but... I don't know. The animation seems pretty cool, I like the character designs (although I don't think they are all that great, they're sort of... familiar already, I guess), but it really doesn't grab me as much as I thought it might. Definitely not bad, just not great. I am looking forward to episode 2.

I also have Neuro and Suteki Tantei Labyrinth to watch. I'm going to watch STL tonight. =D

I got a good deal of work done on my website for 339, but I got very, very little done on my costume. ARG. I'm still having trouble figuring out parts of it...
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