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Minna no Anime, week 3~

Baccano ep 9 finished downloading an hour ago, but I can't watch it until Nur wakes up. *woe*

So, because it is still early and I'm halfway done with my Viz work for the day and I do not want to work on school crap or my Y-con costume, I'm going to ramble about last night's anime club meeting.

Pre-club - Audrey came early and we practiced the Lucky Star full dance for a while. It's really tiring, but really fun. I feel a little bad for learning the dance when I've... never seen the show...

Fansub O' - HEY GUYS. IT WAS BACCANO NIGHT. I wore my Jacuzzi costume (sans wig, still too lazy to fix it up). XD I think a lot of people liked it! I feel a bit bad for not giving a blood and gore warning, but pah, we watched Speed Grapher as Fansub O' three years ago, and they got no warning then. They can handle it. ....hopefully. I was SO happy when a group came over to talk about the series with me. Ahh, so exciting, so exciting. A few days ago, Audrey suggested we use Baccano for our booth for Open House (this year's theme is "a journey" or something, PUSSYFOOT ANYONE?). I mentioned it to some people, and they all seemed pretty for it. The costumes are not hard (ah, I mean, you can buy suits and stuff, nothing is wild and crazy), and even if no one recognizes Baccano, it's still 1930s America and trains. And everyone likes trains, right?

Dokkoida?! - I think people are warming up to this show. It makes me happy.

Law of Ueki - I don't think people like this show much. It makes me sad. Come on, it's super ridiculous and it's got Paku Romi!! Last night was the episode about the kid who wanted to be a good runner. I want to be a good runner too. D=

Gun x Sword - Loved by all. ALL. Last night's episode was about the El Dora Five. You go, old guys!

Master Keaton - I have two mothers (my real mother and the incredible woman who took care of me when my mom was working), so I want two daddies. My dad is the best dad ever, but I want Keaton to be my second father. ♥ I really want a cel of him dancing with Flora, it's such an adorable scene. ♥ It really makes me sad when people leave when I put the Keaton disc in. I don't want to force anyone to watch things they don't want to, but it's KEATON. Badass Extraordinaire! Oh well, I guess it is their loss.

Mushishi - This series is poetry, like usual. So pretty~ And Maho's snow suit was adorable!

Otogi Zoshi - Thanks to Nur, we've finally figured out the language problem the DVD player was giving us. Cool episode, sad episode, I vaguely remember the next episode being pretty kickass. Let's hope memory serves me correctly.

Noein - Yu is a little pansy, but Karasu is really awesome. Seriously Yu, you're not Shinji. Get over it. I'm really excited, because I think the next episode is the last one I watched. New stuff soon~!!

D'Eon - I thought the first episode was boring, the second episode was awesome, and this episode was boring. Stretched out and boring. My favorite character is still Robin, I like his personality! It was strange though... it was really slow for the majority, and then it seemed they tied stuff up really fast. "Is he an ally? We'll have to figure it out! Oh wait, we figured it out in the same episode!" Uhhh, it just felt weird. I have to say the scene where Robin returns empty-handed after trying to tail someone was really nice. You're part of the group Robin, not just some young tagalong. I've heard tons of great things about the show, so I'm still eager to see more.

Ergo Proxy - I love this show. LOVE. Vincent is surprisingly hot and I love the way he acts. There were so many little clues in this episode, it'll be fun to figure all of them out. I was so happy to see the opening in the Silo, it looked so much cleaner than the YouTube version I had watched seven million times this week. Ahh, so much Ergo love. And Pino! So cute! I was talking to Nur about Vincent and Pino last night... it's so funny to see Vincent try to ignore her at first, but then start relying and taking care of her very quickly. My badass sensor goes wild when he's on screen, so I'm hoping he gets some kickass scenes with the cute-factor support coming from Pino. Their team would be UNSTOPPABLE.

I want to make a Vincent club, sort of like the Maity club in Lovely Complex...
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