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To do: 10/1-10/8

Just so I don't forget.

~Finish Zatch v18 by 10/8. (31 4 pages to go) DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! =D
~Get chapter 1 of senior project checked at writing lab
~Edit chapter 1 of senior project
~Turn in chapter 1
~GWR at 9am 10/6
~Choose a logo for Urbane and figure out proper color scheme for site
~Print and mount presentation version of logo —I actually don't need to do this for a while. =D
~Make a site map for Urbane
~Write descriptions for at least four of the robots
~Do history reading for Tuesday and Thursday
~Talk to tech people about video and audio issues in the Silo
~Make Jujutsushi's shirt thing
~Work on meme pictures (yay, something fun~!)
~Talk to Dr. Levenson about doing senior project with Nat
~E-mail Kazu to ask about an interview for senior project
~Start chapter 2 of senior project
~Complete 2 more categories for trivia
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