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That usual first-day post thing.

...except it's on the second day.

So, yes, I have finally started school again. I'm taking four classes, 14 units of fun fun work. I was able to crash two classes, so oh holy Tezuka, most of my schedule actually COUNTS towards graduation now!

Graphic Communication 339: This class may just kill me. It's a Dreamweaver-based web design class. I'm... not a big fan of web design. Who knows, this course may change my views. Nevertheless, I have heard horror stories about the amount of work involved. *Shudder*

Graphic Communication 421: This is some sort of management class. I'm not a business person, but this class doesn't seem too bad. I like the teacher a lot, he really tries to make dull things interesting and he makes things fun.

Graphic Communication 460: I thought this was a pre-req to senior project and through it we would get a better idea of what to do for our projects. Oops, it's not. It's the first quarter of senior project. I need to have three ideas ready to present to our teacher by tomorrow. Ouch. Luckily, I already have two.

History 416: History of Modern Japan! A really cool teacher is teaching this class, so I hope it will be as much fun as the last class I had with him. I don't really care much for modern history, but I think class will be enjoyable. Audrey is in the class with me, so I'm very happy about that. We have to write a 10-page paper, which I'm already sweating a bit over. We either review a book or write about a events from almost any year in the 20th century. I think I'll choose the events in a year topic. Before actually reading the assignment, I was totally going to write about 1843 (I think that's the year), because I've actually been learning quite a bunch of historical things from Oh! Edo Rocket. And the things I've been finding out from the show aren't just political, they also talk about the working class and reforms and the such. But alas, 1843 is not in the 20th century. I think I might choose the year Astro Boy was animated or something relating to manga. Because I know some stuff about Japanese history until the Meiji Restoration, but from then on it's all anime- and manga-related knowledge. Lame, I know.

It'll be a busy quarter, but I'll survive. I'll need to fit nearly three volumes of work in here too... I think that's going to be the real problem!
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