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Wigs and Dragons

Wig styling is really hard. The picture on the box LIES. This wig is not supposed to be curly! Jacuzzi should not have curly bangs! Well, my Jacuzzi costume (v1) is done now, complete with hideous wig. Oh well, I'll try to fix the wig up before the next time I seriously wear it.

In other news, Drakengard 2 had quite possibly the worst ending I have ever seen in a game. Not only did it leave a bitter taste in my mouth, but it didn't make any sense. They started talking about events like you had played them, except you hadn't.

Legna: Oh, Nowe, there are those ships you were looking for!!

What? What ships? We were looking for ships?

Holy Dragon Audio History Book: Blah blah blah I'm so confusing blah blah bone casket blah blah forbidden love blah new breed blah weapon blah blah artifact blah blah playing with your head blah!

That made absolutely no sense. Maybe they will explain when they leave the place.

Legna: I'm glad that was so clear.


I swear, after they had the big scene with Caim and Angelus, the game just crash landed. It was worse than smoking drugs while working on it, it was more like they had been beaten over the head and became retarded. Ugh. The second ending (you have to play through the game three times to get everything, *JOY*) is definitely better, but it's still not that great. They don't give you and ENDING, they open a new story. Is there a Drakengard 3? I DO NOT THINK SO. I'm so glad Jenn was the one playing, not me.

I think I shall rewatch some Baccano to improve my mood. =3
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