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An update of sorts

I'm back from my visit back home. All my appointments went well. Except for that initial rumble, I got along well with my mother during the trip.

On the way back from home, Nur and I stopped one final time at Kinokuniya. Most of the books I bought were catch-up books that they didn't have/I didn't notice the first time we went to that Kino's. I did also buy a Baccano novel and the second volume of Gakuen Kino. They are both filled with awesome pictures. I scanned some of the Baccano manga and the novel I bought. You can see the scans here and here, but you have to be a member of baccano. =3

We left at the right time to go back to SLO. When we were packing the car, the heat was already very uncomfortable. At 10am! Ouch. We had a real treat when we got back, too! A thunderstorm! There was a little bit of thunder rumbling in the evening, but it got so loud it woke me up at about 2am. Nur was still up and it didn't take long for the thunder to wake up Jenn and Sarah. We watched the lightning for a while. It was a really fantastic storm. We also got a little bit of much-needed rain too!

The Brave Story novel is really, really good. The second part isn't depressing like the first part was. It's more sarcastic. Wataru is one brave little kid. I felt my self shivering at some of the monsters he has had to face, and i like monsters. I also caught up with the Brave Story manga today. It feels like it is getting to the end now, which makes me both happy and sad. My wallet is happy, but the series has gotten so badass I don't want it to end. Let's see... Volume 16 made me sad . Very sad. Volume 17 was still sad, but Wataru was looking pretty damn cool. I really didn't like his character design at the beginning, but I really love it now. Brave Story is worse than Howl's Moving Castle now! Not only do I have to keep the movie and book versions separate, but I also have to keep the manga version separate!

I have a random question... Can a bar of soap become too dirty to clean off and use?
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