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Work, Cosplay, and Brave Story

Wah. I finished the first part of the Brave Story novel this morning. So good, but so depressing. I really want to draw a bunch of scenes from the book, but I can't figure out how to draw book-Wataru. All my versions look too close to movie-Wataru for my tastes. Not that movie-Wataru is bad, but he's not quite how I picture book-Wataru. I just need to work harder on this! ...and I sure hope part two of the book is more cheerful than part one.

It turns out we have a new Asian grocery store down the road from my (parent's) house. Nur and I stopped by to check it out today and it looks pretty cool. I wish we had something like this in SLO! I picked up some filled cookie-straw things. Mmmm, so good.

I got my new schedule for work, and it looks like I'll have about a month and a half to complete the next two volumes and about two months to finish the next three for my new series, and about three months for each volume of my old series. Not bad. I just hope that school isn't too time consuming (hahaha).

I also had the opportunity to pick up more fabric for both my Jacuzzi costume and my Jujutsushi costume. I don't think I'll ever be able to find the right fabric for Jacuzzi's vest (anime, manga, or book version X_x), but now I have two different fabrics to use that both sort of work. I'll continue to look for better fabric in the coming months. The test vest only took an afternoon to make, so I'm not too worried about getting the costume done in time for Yaoi Con or the Minna no Anime Halloween Party. My Jujutsushi costume still has probably a million hours of work, but now I have some fur to use for his ears and tail. I really want to use something longer, but this fabric was just so soft, I won't mind using it too much. This is the costume I really need to get done by Yaoi Con, so I really should be putting more effort into it, but... Jacuzzi...

It looks like my life will go to work and cosplay-filled days as soon as I get back to SLO. XD
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