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Tezuka, Manga, And Stuff.

I took Jenn and Sarah, who are visiting from SLO to San Francisco yesterday. We went to Pier 39 (past Viz, XD), Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and Union Square... kinda touristy places, but it was Sarah's first time in the city, so they were kind of places she needed to see, I guess. I felt bad, because I made them walk a lot and I'm not a very good tour guide.

Today went to the Tezuka exhibit again with a lot of friends. It's really spectacular, and I still think Tezuka is god. Not only did he invent the shoujo genre, but yaoi and yuri as well. We had a god time saying that he invented just about everything else in his pictures (Tezuka invented robots! Tezuka intented rope! Tezuka invented the future! Buddha asked Tezuka to write his biography!). The new Yoshitoshi prints were also amazing, and since I took that Asian history class I understood a lot more of the scenes depicted than I would have otherwise. I really wish I had the same mastery of the brush and of colors as he did.

I had fun in the Manga Lounge drawing pictures and chatting. One of the pictures I drew last time was on the wall (and I guess it had been there for a while, since Jesse had told me about it a couple weeks ago... I just didn't believe him), so I felt very, very honored. So many of the other pictures on the wall were so awesome, I felt like poor Leo Thorne was lacking quite a bit. Still, I put in a picture of Bouson that I think came out better than Leo Thorne did. I also drew the absolute best pictures of Black Jack ever (except they were hideous). I kept them and I'l scan them later.

After the museum, our entire group (13 people, I think) headed over to Japan Town and we whittled away our afternoon spending too much money and chatting.

After two days filled with walking, I am very, very tired. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and reading Brave Story (THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD).

~Asuka v9, 2007: ...because I always get Asuka? I've only flipped through it, but it looks alright. There is actually a full Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made chapter this month! Yay! It's a really cool one too. There is a really cool looking Darker Than Black ad in it too.

~Bleach Official Bootleg - Karaburi Plus: Best name for a book ever. This is a collection of the colored pages from V-Jump, along with awesome Soul Society ads, character pages, and a good-sized heaping of Jyuu-chan. And shirtless Jyuu-chan. Mmm.

~Dawn - Tsumetai Te v5: Gah. So good. I just wish it had furigana so I could understand more.

~Yu-Gi-Oh GX v1: S-so I love YGO GX like I love Pokémon. U_U;; Juudai is so cute and has such a strong will. Everytime I read the manga it makes me want to play with my made-up Duel Monsters. Yeah... I know, I'm lame.

~Pokémon Special v26: How can Fire Red Leaf Green end like that?? And the new character... I'm not too sure if I like him (her?). I'll have to actually, you know, read the manga to see.

~Kill Wizard v1: Random pick, but an amazing find. I think it is about a MMORPG. Really nice art, really cool characters. I want to cosplay as some of the characters already, just because their outfits are so cool. Luckily for my cosplay list, I know their outfits are way too hard for me. =3 I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up some more soon.

~Dengeki Gao v9, 2007: I bought this because Baccano runs in it. ...it has some color pages about the anime. Yay!

~Baccano v1: EEE. EEE and SQUEE. The manga follows the commotion of the Flying Pussyfoot. It only gets to where Jacuzzi is eating with Issac and Miria, but it flashes back to some points which we haven't seen yet. Lots of Jacuzzi adorable, lots of Nice awesome, lots of Ladd being... creepy and killing a lot. I'll scan a bunch of pages when I'm back in my apartment, but I won't get back until Wednesday night. I am going to have so many Jacuzzi icons after I scan some of these pages. ♥ Good stuff. I'm not a huge fan of the style, but, eee, Baccano love all the way. *wipes fangirl froth from mouth*

I also got a Pokémon bandana-thing for a buck at Ichiban Kan: Little Things. I love that store. The bandana-thing is something to wrap kids' bentou boxes in, I guess. I want to wear it on my head. Or on my arm. I wear my gang symbols on my arm. I belong to the dork gang. PIKACHU GONNA MESS YOU UP. WHAT WHAT RAYQUAZA IN THE HOUSE. I only wish there was a Jolteon on it. ...okay, I'll try not to wear it when I hang around other people...

Shonen Jump #10 came in the mail today! My work starts appearing in this volume!! Seventy pages of it. O_o;;; I think the rest of the volume will be in next month's. I was really hoping this volume would come in before I went back to SLO so I could show my parents that look, this a real job (although I think they finally believe me), but look, it's in a magazine! I also got my copy of v20 in the mail, and it looks... okay. It feels like I worked on it so long ago! T_T Even lowly freelancers get their ego boosts. XD;;
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