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Oh, I do read a lot of non-fiction too. Yay for history books!


Ranting. Lots of it. Please pardon any poor spelling or grammar.

I spent a good portion of the day in San Francisco with my mother. I wanted to go say hi to some people at work and see if I could get some good fabric for my Jacuzzi vest. My mom had a final in one of her classes, so we decided to go together.

Work was awesome as usual. It's getting harder and hard to get in. I used to just sign in and skip to the back, but now I have to sign in, get a visitor sticker, and have someone take me to the back. I always feel bad for interrupting people when they are working, but they seemed to be happy to see me (I hope they really were!!). I talked to one of my editors, Kit, and asked him a few things about work. I was pretty embarrassed because I forgot half the questions I was going to ask him! Still, he was very nice and gave me some reference volumes which should be VERY helpful for the next few months. I also said hi to Courtney and Jamie, and Jamie gave me some extra volumes they had from reprintings and stuff. XD So cool. My mom had told me to not take too long because we had to get to Britex (the fabric store) before 6, so I hurried up. I didn't know how long it would take.

We headed up Powell so I could stop really quickly at Double Punch, a great little figure store. They had one thing that I thought was cool, but I decided not to get it. Then we headed quickly to Britex-no. No we did not. My mom wanted to stop by a architecture bookstore a streets away. I was still thinking that we needed to hurry hurry hurry like my mom had told me, so I made sure I was ready to go at any time. My mom took a little while at the store, then as we were leaving looked back in and saw a book she wanted to look at. I was not pleased. I had cut my time at work short because she had said we needed to hurry, and she spends the time I save looking at some book that caught her fancy. She comes back out and gets upset that I was upset at her. Now, I am even more upset because she's put the book back crooked and the dust jacket is partially off. ARG. I hate it when people do that. X_x Whatever.

We walk further, and get lost (my mom "knows" her way around the city. I tend to trust her, but she seems to get turned around a lot.). But Britex was not too far away. I found some fabric that may work. There was only 7/8 of a yard, so I may have to fudge stuff, and it's not plaid, so I actually have to embroider the yellow-ish lines, but the color is really good. And it wasn't very expensive. My other choice was six times the price for just a bit over a yard. Ouch. My mom got a little antsy because I let a man go ahead of me in line ("I'll be late to my class!!"), but then decided we have plenty of time to look around Crate and Barrel. ..............what? So we end up nearly running to her class. But all she has to do is turn in her final project, so that should be that, right? No, she chats with people for the next forty minutes. Oh well, I was prepared! I had brought a new book to read (The Castle in the Sky, WOO), but decided to read some of the manga I got from work instead.

We could have gone home then, but my mom wanted to go out to eat. Hey, I have no problems with that. ....but it takes us an hour to find a place to eat. I think she wanted to take me someplace special, but I honestly did not care where we went. I eat just about anything. I like just about every type of food. We finally decide to go to the Ferry Building and find something there, when a man stops me and asks me if I want to try the new Brain Age game. Hells yeah I do. So I stop and start taking their little test until my mom gets upset and makes it really obvious that I should stop. I swear, I was doing that for three minutes. One of the people promoting it explains the game to her, but she shrugs it off. As I ran to catch up with her (she completely left and didn't give me any time to thank the man for letting me play or anything), I tried to tell her about the game and the benefits of it, but she would not even try to believe me. She didn't believe that I know parents that have bought a DS for Brain Age. She told me that if they did, they must not use their brain that much to begin with. Ugh.

Just about everything is closed, so we go to a cool burger joint and got a really good burger and some garlic fries (yum!!). My mom starts talking about how cold it is, so we left in a hurry (I shoved the rest of the fries down my throat. They were too good to throw away). I was a little miffed, because she's always the one getting on our cases about making sure we are prepared for different types of weather. San Francisco gets cold at night. I know this. I brought a jacket. I was fine. My mother should know this, but she did not bring anything to keep herself warm. Whatever.

The BART ride back was fine. I read some more manga, listened to music, and drew. As we got off of BART, I tried to strike up a conversation. I mentioned that I had talked about Urasawa briefly with Kit and how I thought Urasawa was some sort of god, because 20th Century Boys is the best thing I've ever read (Not my favorite, even of Urasawa's works, but still the best thing I've ever read). You see, I'm hoping that some day I will convince my mother to read one volume of one manga series and she'll stop thinking that it is all breasts and porn (I kid you not, I truly believe she thinks this). In my quest I decided that Monster is sophisticated and incredible enough that my mom would enjoy it. So I start saying how good this series is, and the basic plot is, blah blah blah, and Urasawa makes it so interesting and blah blah blah, etc. etc. For a while, my mom pays attention, but when I finish, she tells me that manga is all the same fantastic unbelievable stories. She thought that the "monster" of Monster, was a children's story book monster. You know, with fur and horns and maybe a long scaly tail. I try to explain that it's not, and she drops back into her defensive, "well, you're so narrow-minded and don't read enough variety."

Uh. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Huh.

I'll admit it. 95% of what I read is manga (or manwha). I read any series I can get my hands on. I read anything from Pokémon to Soul Eater to 20th Century Boys. If you ask me, that's quite a variety. Manga is easier to read for me and I get a lot out of it. I was pour through 30 or 40 volumes in the time it will take me to read a 300 page book. I read "normal" books too. I like Arthurian books, fantasy books, detective stories... Truthfully, a lot of those are young adult books. I read books for adults, and hell, I like the young adult books better. Sorry. Too many adult books bring in themes that I don't care about, so why should I wade through those when I can read a book aimed towards a younger audience that is not weighted down by the themes I don't like? Of course, I will read adult books too, but I just don't read as many of them.

But no. No, no, no. According to my mother, I only read manga and it's one thing and it's all the same and I am narrow-minded. Whoa. Manga is not all the same and I learn more from manga than I do from most "regular" books. I hate it when my mom thinks that manga is a genre. In a sense of the word, yes it is. But if manga is a genre, then pure text books are also a genre. My mother says no, they are not because they... cover a lot of subjects? Because you know, all manga covers breasts and porn. And that's all. I guess because manga is drawn, that makes it a lower form of entertainment. So all I read is a low form of entertainment that covers breasts and porn. (Man, if all it covered was breasts and porn, I think I'd be able to at least draw breasts right)

At this point, the conversation has become very, very heated. I told my mom that maybe she should give manga a chance before assuming all of this. It's not like I'm talking out of my ass about books. I read books. I know about books. I don't read every book, but I read books and I have read a great variety of books. She has not read manga. She does not know the first thing about manga (oh, cross that out, she knows it comes from Japan). She has no right to talk about manga unless she tries it herself. She told me that she flipped through some of my things, so she knows it is all lower than every book ever. What THINGS? My volumes of Shonen Jump? That are in plastic wrapping until I read them, and then go on my shelf? You mean she comes into my room when I'm at school and decides that she wants to take them off the shelf and go through them? I bought Yotsuba&! so she could give it a chance because it is hilarious and cute and I know other parents who don't care for manga that have loved Yotsuba! But... she asked one really dumb obvious question and then put it down. I think she was three pages in. Then she says that she read Howl's Moving Castle and it sucked. Oh no she di'in't. Howl is not the best book in the world, but it's a good book. Plus, it's not manga. It's a pure text book. There aren't even illustrations! She tells me that the book was childish. Well, it is a children's book.

She asked me if I think that manga is written better than books (of course I do right?). I told her, quite honestly, that I think that some manga has much better writing that some books. I honestly think that the writing for 20th Century Boys is better than the writing for Grapes of Wrath. My opinion, yes, but it's my honest opinion. Of course, now she thinks that I think that all manga > all books. Nevermind the fact that I think that this is an uncommon occurance. To which I explained that there is a lot of bad manga out there. A lot. There is also a lot of good manga and freaking fantastic manga. The exact same thing goes for books. Lots of bad books, lots of good books, lots of freaking fantastic books.

By now I am feeling pretty pissed off because trying to get her to see my point by using logic is like trying to catch a whale with a tin can. I told her that what I read in my free time is going to be what I enjoy. I'm not going to spend my precious free time reading something dry and cumbersome unless I want to read something dry and cumbersome. Free time is not supposed to be filled with stress and torment, it's time I want to take to do what I want to do. And I like to read young adult books and manga. Yes, a good portion of my time goes to manga/anime, because I like to watch anime and read manga in my free time, I am the president of Cal Poly's anime club, and oh! My JOB is manga-related. I spend more time WORKING than I do with the other things now, so no duh I'm going to spend a lot of time with manga. In all actuality, I may spend as much time working on my own stories and characters as I do with anime and manga.* And you know what, it's not me who is narrow-minded, if anyone, it's her for not even giving manga a chance.

Now that was her "oh no you di'in't" moment. She starts foaming at the mouth saying that I only like manga and I'm so narrow and arg roar rwar just because it is Japanese and I only like books from Japan and things that are from Japan and omg she is so open to everything how dare I, etc. etc.

Um. I like lots and lots of comics. I don't give a damn what country they are from as long as they are good. I started reading more and more Japanese comics because the american ones were sucking so badly. I still read American comics on occasion, but I haven't found ones that I think are better than the manga I regularly read. I read tons of manwha and I think a lot of them are better than a lot of the Japanese stuff I read. I read the occasional french series, I'm still waiting for the english release of Germany's Prussian Blue, and I'm always interested in new things. I don't care what country it comes from, or even if it is a book or a comic. If it is good and seems interesting enough to me, I will give it a chance.

At this point I couldn't stand her insult flinging or false claims, so I trudged upstairs and closed my door. I don't want to see her for a while. This is why living at home is so hard and why I will have a hard time after I graduate. The food is great (my daddy is the best cook ever), but I always butt heads with my mom over my hobbies. Ughhhhhh...

*To this she told me that "those stories are all the same." Excuse you? Wtf did you just say? My stories are all the same? Same as what? Oh, because a story about demons living among us is exactly like a courier who takes on strange jobs. I've spent a long, long, long time working on my stories and characters. One reason I'm trying to improve my art when I can is so that one day I'll be able to publish at least one of these stories and hopefully other people will love these characters as much as I do. (Yes, I know that a bajillion people want to get published too, but it's still a dream I'm working towards) I'm sorry that you, mother, are too narrow-minded to see the differences in the two stories (and the occasional roleplays) that your daughter has put blood, sweat, and tears into. Thanks for the support, I'm really feeling the love.

Heh. So we were taking the BART into SF, and my mom pulls out her sketchbook and starts showing me all her pictures. They aren't bad, but they aren't fantastic. I'd love to show her some of the work I've done, but I know it'll just get ripped apart (verbally, not physically) because I have manga-ish style and I don't fully understand anatomy yet. I'm open to her style of art, why won't she at least TRY to be open to mine? She did say that a Jacuzzi/Nice picture I drew was nice (It's the colored version of pentox's meme picture from last week), but I only had that out because I was trying to match fabric colors to it. I really, really, really want to show her some of my creatures and this drawing and that drawing, but she's pushed away/ripped apart/told me how wrong so many of my drawings are, I've stopped trying. And it really bugs me because my dad says that he likes to see my art, so I used to send him stuff all the time. But he prints it out and shows it to my mom. I'm hoping that one day she'll be able to give me at least constructive criticism.

Sorry for the ranting and whining, I just had to get it out of my system. Everything else is going great right now. I just wish this little thing wouldn't put me in such a horrible mood. Or happen pretty much every time I am home.
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