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Maybe I'll settle for being one of her Poképals.


~~Hey all, who is up for a day trip? Some members of Minna no Anime are going to San Francisco on the 25th (that's a Saturday) to see the Tezuka exhibit and I'd like to extend the invitation to anyone interested on my flist! We'll probably be meeting in front of the museum at about 10am. If you'd like to join us, please leave a note or IM me or something so I know. =D The exhibit is really awesome, I think it's something any manga or anime fan should see. ~~

I just finished rereading Pokémon Special (Pokémon Adventures in english) up through volume 7, the end of the Yellow arc. Ahh! I forgot how much I love Yellow. Too cute! Does anyone know if Yellow comes back after later? I sure hope so.

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THIS CHARACTER IS TOO CUTE. I remember totally wanting to be Yellow when I was first reading this series. Eight(ish) years later, and I still want to be Yellow.

new icon, go! it doesn't fit the post, but yellow is just so cute!!
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