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Dennou Coil 9

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Baccano, Oofuri, Love Com, Den-O, you know I love you, but Dennou Coil is my favorite show I'm currently following. Haraken was so awesome and so in need of love in ep 9. And Nur and I died when the line above happened. He were laughing so hard we had to stop the episode. Oh, and it just got better from there. If Miyazaki ever made a tv show, this would be it. This show is fantastic.

But back to Den-O... Ryuuta? I love you. I really want that alt version of Climax Jump. Because of that clip, I've gotten Sarah to start watching it. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

It's a bit frustrating, but at the same time a little fun watching Dennou Coil and Kamen Rider Den-O... Saying "I'm going to watch Den-O" doesn't work well. =\
Tags: anime, den-o, dennou coil
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