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Things I hope to get done this week:

~Update Ensuing
~Post 30 Kisses Picture
~Make Oofuri Nishura Hat
~Cut out fabric for Jujutsushi's pants
~Design Jujutsushi's poncho
~Design Jujutsushi's shoulder throw
~Finish the first half of UM v19-WOOOOOO YEAH
~FInish first 50 pages of Zatch v17 - Current Finished Page Count: 35
~Letter gag strip for Zatch v17
~Get Sora to level 99
~Draw more Oofuri luff
~Finish Haman Karn Custom (Gaza C AMX 003) Model
~Finish sketch for Marching Band Shirt

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I was scanning things anyway, and for some reason I really didn't want to scan any Bouson stuff, so I scanned this. A couple little Jyuu pictures. I was trying to figure out what to do for 30_kisses.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
What I ended up using for 30_kisses. I couldn't get anything to look right, so I just let me pencil cough something onto paper, lazily inked it and lazily colored it. This is for the prompt "excessive chain." Ugh. Whatever. =\

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hanai and Tajima from Oofuri!! I gave Nur a choice to figure out what I should draw; Abe and Mihashi, Hanai and Tajima, or Tajima and Mihashi. I think what he chose was pretty obvious. Hanai seems so studious, and Tajima seems so... not. Tajima is going to ruin Hanai's grades.

I'm taking suggestions for Oofuri pictures... I'm may not draw every suggestion, but I'll try to draw ones that seem fun to me. ...I would say I'd do them all, but I said that for the Digimon pictures, and I still haven't done one and I misplaced the two I drew for nayung. *SHAME*

Now, back to work! Dah-dada-daaaaah!
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