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Art: Bouson

Sketched this on Saturday, inked and colored it yesterday.

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Bou has gone through a bit of a make over since I last posted pictures of him! He, well... was killed and reborn. Poor guy. He's not a full demon anymore, because his mother is human. This is his true half-demon form, although he can make himself look more human or like a full demon. Because human and demon magic doesn't mix well, he has no magical ability besides this.

Oh, I can talk about Bou for ages. I love his reborn self!! He used to hate (almost all) humans with a passion, but since he's half human and his mother is human, he's getting better with dealing with them. And he has a HUGE mother complex. No one messes with his mommy. His mom is pretty awesome too. She writes children's books, and when Bou was born she began writing picture books for him. She also used to beat up the kids on the playground who made fun of how he looked. Oh yeah, she's pretty cool. Because of his demon blood, he grew up fast. In this picture he's seven. Since he had been alive for hundreds of years, it's not a big deal that this body is only seven. He still isn't completely used to doing things the "proper human way," whatever that means.

Currently, Bouson is teaching at Hogwarts (OMG YOU CAN'T DO THAT *WANK WANK WANK*). Hagrid is assisting researchers with the their study of first nesting pair of dragons in the UK in a long while. Bouson is temporarily filling in his spot at Care of Magical Creatures professor. I figured, as previous Guardian of the Forest, he'd know quite a bit about magical creatures. He also takes care of some of the groundskeeping duties as well.

Bou's favorite activities are reading (mainly his mother's books), running around on the grounds, bullying bullies, and eating. He like rare meat and sweet things. He was a big internet junkie, but since electronic devices don't work at Hogwarts, he left his laptop with his mommy. (He wasn't very happy about that)

The picture is simple and not perfect (I need to learn how to smoothly color large areas), but I really like how it turned out. I tell myself that it is his resume photo or something. =3
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