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Like Magic!!

I was thinking about a part in Ryuusei no Rockman this morning, so I went to rewatch the episode. To my surprise, a new episode had come out! Thank-you Japan! I love it when you bring me such awesome things.

I have a new cosplay to add to my list. shiroro is sort of getting a Lamento group together for Y-con, so I decided to join. I really don't have any other good costumes to wear to the con otherwise. I chose Jujutsushi, who is a super minor character, I guess. I know very little about the game. But it has cat boys and Jujutsushi looks really cool, so I'm in. I can't do much on my other costumes because I need to talk with other group members about some of the costumes, need to go through my mom's patterns, or get fabric from back home. Seriously, I have all this time now but not much cosplay work I can do! It's quite frustrating. I won't be able to really get started on stuff until I go home in late August. Which makes Jujutsushi possible! My little sister is coming down next week, so I'm going to ask my mom if she has any basic poofy pant patterns that she can send down with her (along with my baseball mit and bat for some Oofuriness). This costume will be a lot of guess work, but I'm pretty excited to get to work on it. It just really looks like a lot of simple parts put together. I'm really excited about making the mask, ears, and tail. EEE.

Edit: What the—? There is a Gow Gow Wata 2? Why didn't anyone tell me? *melodramatic flail* Well, now I know, and knowing is half the battle (G.I.JOOOOOOE!).
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