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The phone book of perverseness?

W.T.F. I've had some strange dreams, but this was strange and realistic. Jeez.

I was selling stuff at Fanime in the Artist Alley when I realized I wanted to go do something. For that I needed my badge. For some reason, I had not picked up by badge or even registered yet. So Jenn, some guy, and I went to go get our badges. We had to go through a big open ballroom, up an elevator to the lobby level (Yes, up the elevator... when we were actually on the lobby floor to begin with). The area to get badges was poorly marked so we had trouble getting there. I saw a woman sitting at a table, so I decided to ask her some questions.

The first thing she says to me is, "What website have you been to recently?" I don't remember answering, so she must have had a list someplace. "Ahh, ______." I don't remember what she said, but I know it was an adult fanfiction site. She pulled out a phone book and looked the site up. "Look, see. That site is in "S." That's for adult content. I don't think I can allow you to get your badge. You could be too twisted in your desires to get it." WHAT? "What are your kinks?" Oh yeah, like I'm going to tell her that. But if I don't tell her, she's going to think I'm some sort of dangerous pervert! So I tell her that I like boys... who like other boys.... and boys with wings.... and (I turned to Jenn for help at this point) boys with weird eyes. She flips through a different phonebook for a while, then sighs and reluctantly lets me go. "I guess you're not level 12." On of her coworkers yells at her from across the hall, "And what level are you____?" (I'm sure a name was said, but I didn't catch it, I just left.

Now, to get your badge, I guess the names/registration numbers scrolled on a screen and you called out which ones were yours and they would get printed. While I was looking for mine, this guy started hugging me and wanted to know what I was talking to the lady about. Luckily, Tet-chan, a friend from high school, was there and he pulled him off of me.

And then my dream ended. And I woke up.

On a different note, I am desperately looking for scans of 降魔伝手天童子 (Gomaden Shutendouji) by Go Nagai and Masato Natsumoto. I picked up volume 2 at Book-Off in June (it looked so interesting I couldn't resist), but now I can't find much about it online and I am about desperate enough to go buy it off of Amazon Japan. I'll buy it eventually anyway, but can any one point me to scans of the volumes, or where scans of the volumes may be? Any language works, I just want to seeeeeee. T_T
Edit: I ordered volumes 5-7 from Yes-Asia, but They don't carry 1-4. >_<;;;;; GAAAH I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.
Edit2:I ordered volume 1,3, and 4 from another place. Curse you, curiousity!!!!
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