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Things are okay again. I think.

I took Artemis to the Apple Store where my friend Kevin helped me with some problems. He fixed my permissions, but he said that may not fix the kernal panic problem. He wasn't completely sure what's wrong, since the problem should have been taken care of in an earlier update and my computer is up to date. If I keep having the problem, I do have Apple Care, so they can either replace him or whatever part is causing the problem. He also told me why Artemis doesn't wake up sometimes. I'll have to make sure I remember that. Ahhh, it's so nice to know he works there. He's really easy to talk to. And he cleaned Artemis's screen and casing. I should go in more often, heheheh.

I think tonight will be a junk food night. I have some delicious things that are horrible for me, but I'm feeling... bad. So taquitos, chips, dip, and soda, here I come!!

I picked up Odin Sphere at Best Buy today. It was only $40, and I had a 10% off coupon. I had been interested in the game since I stumbled onto the website somehow, and ninja_nik showed us some of it when we were at his place Friday. Looks awesome~ The art is so very sexy. I think I'll start casually playing it soon. I really want to beat Shadow Hearts: From the New World, because Johnny has been haunting my thoughts lately. (Sorry boy, you know I love you, but the damn end boss is so freaking hard!) I'd also like to beat Tales of Legendia, but I think I'm going to take that one bit by bit. I'm only about 15 hours into the game. And Twilight Princess? It's coming along. I'm almost done with the second to last temple. Summer time means gaming time! I still need to get and play Baten Kaitos: Origins, too
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