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This cannot be good.

Artemis has been having strange, strange errors lately. Occasionally, he will not connect to the wireless, even though he says he's connected to the wireless. I get a full signal, but he'll tell me I'm not connected to the internet. What? Another favorite trick of his is to not wake up after I put him to sleep. I'll close him (which puts him to sleep), then later, when I open him up again, he won't do anything. It's like he likes sleeping. So I'll close him again and open him, which usually wakes him up. Recently I put him to sleep, put him in his case, and was about to leave when he restarted himself. Come on, he was asleep and he restarted himself. Who says computers don't have minds of their own? Macs sure do (and I have to say despite the annoyance, I love it). I can deal with those problems, but as these things happened more frequently, he's had some serious issues. Kernal(sp?) panics. Four of them. I've had this happen.... maaaaaaybe once with MackeyII? I've had MackeyII for four years. I've had Artemis for three months. This is not an issue with Macs, I think something may be seriously wrong with my boy. I'm taking him to the Apple Store today. Yay for Apple Care!

Also, I'm done with four of my six daily UM pages for work. I glanced at the script for the next page and the next sound effect is "fwap fwap." ...This cannot be good.
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