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More Manga lovin'

Well, finished the pages for Zatch this afternoon. I have some corrections for UM v18, but they shouldn't take to long. Tomorrow is my day off! I'm going to get donuts and hot chocolate to celebrate, then pick up what I can so I can get some cosplay stuff done.

I joined JCafe today. It was probably the smartest thing I've done since school let out! There is so much manga goodness in here! Just today I downloaded and read through volume 11 of Kurohime, volume 0 and 1 of Übel Blatt, and volume 1 of Stray Little Devil. I'm getting through volume 8 of Oofuri as I type this. Oofuri will be pretty hard to understand, but I'll do my best. (These are all raws, just to warn you) They have some translated stuff too. I also finally read volume 2 of Monster, and... SO GOOD. Urasawa-sama is a GOD.

Ah, so, Kurohime is very awesome. The mangaka READS MY MIND. I kid you not. My favorite character has a long scarf (that I am SO making). There are demons, badass weapons, cool creatures (I don't care who calls me a furry, but that Yeti was so damn cool and hot. Byakko was looking pretty sexy too)... I swear, I think, needs more demons, and BAM! Sexy Zero Demon. I think, wings? and BAM! Sexy Dark Rei with wings. No, not the eva girl, the awesome undead crazy guy. OMG. This series may be 80% tits and ass, but damn is it worth it. The art is SO very hot.
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