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Ye gods I love manga

Well, feeling slightly better. Haven't gotten around to drawing yet, but read a bunch of really good manga after doing lots of work for Viz. I'm looking forward to more releases of XS (ahhh, Dark Horse has this, I saw the first volume at Borders), Aflame Inferno, and Silvery Crow especially. I also re-read the first 61 chapters of Parasyte. I forgot how much I love this manga. SO SO SO very good. It's series like this that inspire me to better my own work. I loved the cover of volume 4 so much I made an icon out of it.

Oh! And I made a temporary layout. I think I'll put together a Oofuri layout when school starts, but I really wanted to use this picture. Love Com love~. I think I'll start working on a Love Com mood theme to go with it.

Nur and I moved a new bookshelf upstairs into our room and I filled it with manga. I really needed that... my manga is still overflowing... If I move back home after I graduate, I have no clue where I'm going to put my stuff. D=

I got an e-mail from the Director of Marketing at Bandai today. He thanked us (the BBQ Brigade and Minna no Nur-Puppy) for our performance at the SOS Brigade concert and told us that Chihara-san (Yuki's seiyuu) was kind enough to sign copies of Yuki's character CD for each of us! Ahhh!!! I'm so excited, Chihara-san is my favorite out of the girls. ♥ I'll have to frame it with my backstage pass.
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