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Togari~ Togari~ I love Togari!

I think I need to change up my layout. I'm thinking either Ookiku Furikabutte or Lovely Complex. I'll probably make a mood theme to match. Which one do you think I should do, guys?

Bought way too much recently... I have a couple volumes of Hana Kimi, nine volumes of Kekkashi (I finally put my foot down and started buying it), and the final four discs of Power Stone in the mail. I picked up Sorcerers and Secretaries v2, Togari v1 (SO VERY AWESOME. I WILL OWN THIS SERIES IN EVERY LANGUAGE, I SWEAR), and Monster v2-4. Right Stuf was having a Viz sale, and Borders was having a Viz sale, so that's the reason for all the sudden Viz purchases. After this, I only have to wait until my preorders finally send, and just STOP BUYING STUFF. ...well, except for cosplay stuff.

Okay, so I've been sitting at my computer for about ten hours today working. Ugh. Too long. But I only have sixteen pages left on this volume! Woo!

....the character I'm looking as cosplaying from Baccano is named Jacuzzi. Yes, we're already deciding who to cosplay. Audrey has a character she likes, I like Jacuzzi... LMAO. I haven't even seen any of this series yet and I'm already all over it. Jacuzzi seems like Miashi... always scared. The character designs look sooooo awesome, I'm really, really excited for this. Until the first ep comes out on the 26th, I'll have Oofuri and Love Com to keep me a very, very happy fangirl. =D
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