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The line between parents and children, re: cosplay

First off: We talked a lot about cosplay last night at club. I'm really excited and I want to get started on some of these costumes NOW, so I don't kill myself trying to get them done during school.

I called my mom this morning to do my usual Sunday report. First words out of her mouth are "You sound HORRIBLE!" Gee, thanks. I know I have a cold, I know I sound sick, because I AM. I told her I was getting better (very, very true!!) but she wouldn't believe me. Yeah, I don't eat as well as I should, but what does she think I'm doing, sitting in a pile of trash, eating fast food all day? I am doing things to try to help myself get better. She thinks I got this cold because I don't eat right. I told her I probably got it from one of the other 44,000 people at Anime Expo. But no, that can't be the case. ~_~

This turns to her being so happy because I'm not going to AX next year since it will be at the LACC. What? No, no, no, no! I never said that! I said I'm thinking of seeing if there are other conventions to go to, but I never said that I was not going to AX. Then she tells me that I'll grow out of going to cons, they're all the same anyway. Hey, just because all the math conventions she goes to are the same doesn't mean anime conventions are all the same. I explained this to her last break too. ~_~

Somehow this turns to cosplay. She get this idea into her head that I should go to cons and not cosplay. Wait, what? I love cosplaying! It is what I look forward to the most at cons now! I don't get to cosplay much, so I find it important (for me) to cosplay at every con go to! I don't think it's something I'm going to lose interest in soon, I'm 22 and I just recently became passionate about it!! ARGGGGG! I wish my mother would just let me enjoy what I want to enjoy.

I finally caught up on the subs of Ookiku Furikabutte with Nur on Friday. It wasn't that hard, seeing as we had watched episode 1 and there are only 3 eps out subbed right now. Jeez, this series is adorable. I find myself squirming on the ground with the incredible amount of adorable and fluff this series brings me. It's BL without being BL. You can bet that I'll be at least sketching stuff from this series. Baseball poses are fun. My favorite character right now is Mihashi, because he's just so cute. Usually I hate the whiny characters, but for some reason he doesn't irk me like other whiny characters do. I really like Abe-kun too, especially after that incredibly touching hand-holding scene. I'm also really liking Tajima. He's just always so into it and always so happy! Eeee, I have to use my new Mihashi icon. ♥

Hey, bluestraggler, when are you coming back to SLO? I was thinking... maybe we should try to get our 009 cosplay done soon so we can maybe... go to Yaoi Con with it? =D
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