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Dying Dying Dying

Why are all cons this year making me on edge so much?

I feel like I haven't had any time to just chill since I got back to SLO.

I'm still very far from finishing Wataru's armor, but I have an ugly sheath cover made. I still need to make straps for it.

I got more buttons for Shanks, and I can attach those pretty easily and quickly. I'll probably do that in the car.

Eric gave me a mouse to use for Yuki... it lights up! Very, very awesome. I won't have the witch outfit, but Sterling Inferno is just about complete.

Only 7 more pages to finish for Viz before I get to take a break~!!! I'll bring Artemis to the con, but I'm only going to do pages if I get a strange strange urge.

Did I mention I'm exhausted? Very, very much so.

The only two upsides to the last six days is that Mike lent me his copy of Ode to Kirihito (mine is still in the mail), and it was awesome, and I started reading Muhyo and Ryoji again. Muhyo and Ryoji is SO DAMN AWESOME. I still have four volumes to read. EEE and SQUEE. This is keeping me sane right now. I kid you not. Reading manga is my treat after doing X amount of work or pages. EEEE.

Tags: cosplay, manga, whine
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