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Mashed Potatoes, I tell you.

So far my break has been very... strange. Let me break it down into smaller sections. Woo. Fun. Some rantage ahead, but not much. My brain hurts. Feels like it is made of mashed potatoes.


I'll be the first one to admit it. I'm a little strange. Most people could care less. But my Grandma is not most people. Now, don't get me wrong, I love her and I know she loves me, but I get the feeling I'm at the bottom of the grandchild "food chain." She seems to feel that at my age, I should be slathered in makeup, drinking often, partying often, and going out with a guy. Isn't it good that I don't do those things? (okay, except maybe for a relationship, depending on your point of view) I don't drink, I don't wear make up (except when I need to for cosplay!), and my idea of a party is watching anime or playing games with friends. I guess that, at least in her mind, normal people my age would be doing these things and since I am not, *gasp* I'm not normal. Sorry?

I feel a little bad, though. I didn't talk much with my grandparents. I had lots of work to do, and I needed to get it done. I tried to be kind and caring when it was called for, but I don't think it is necessary to watch a movie that I don't want to see with them when I could be in the next room over doing work.

My grandma plucked her eyebrows so many times, they don't grow back anymore. She used to use an eyebrow pencil to draw them in, but I guess that became too tedious so she got them tattooed on. In a brown-orange. They look really strange and after the first two days I found myself staring at them all the time. I hope it didn't bother her too much. I really wish she had just kept pencilling them in everyday... I'd love to pencil them in for her... make them angry or sad or something. I think it would be hilarious.

I'm a horrible grandchild.


I have one full volume due on July 11th and the first half of another due on August 22nd. I'm working hard on the first, but I haven't started the second. I've lettered and put in the sfx for the first 114 pages of the current volume, but now I have to go back and clean all of those pages up. Teeeediouuusss. But I like this series a lot, so it's not so bad. Only 45 pages until I'm completely done with the first 114 pages. Woo!

This is where the vast majority of my time goes.


My dad seems a bit tense, and my mom seems really on edge, but I think that's probably because of the stress of having to take care of relatives, the end of the school year, and dealing with my little sister. ...a little sister who has been really pissy lately. She(trumpet player) tried to me (a percussionist) how to play the timpanis. Wait, what? She's been saying a lot of things and trying to pull rank and intelligence on my lately. I find it funny, because as for rank... we're a family. If ANYTHING, she, the youngest, would be the lowest. And intelligence? She's very smart, but I'm older and more experienced than her. I think she'll probably be more book-smart than I am, but she's pretty stupid when it comes to a lot of other things... like people, living, eating, did I mention people? She's pretty stupid overall with most things dealing with people.

My mom didn't like it when I compared cosplay to the Landscape Architecture classes she's taking. Hey, cosplay is one of my passions, LARCH is one of hers. I think the comparison is valid.

Tezuka Exhibit


I went into San Francisco on Sunday to meet Nat and go see the Tezuka exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. Strangely enough, I ran into kithkanan, Josh, and Cedric there too! What a pleasant surprise. We went to see Yoshitoshi's Strange Tales, a woodblock exhibit. The prints were beautiful, and I loved his whimsical piece "The Shortsighted Man and the Ineffectual Ghost." It was really cute. Then it was on to the real point... Tezuka!

The exhibit was in one fair-sized room. There were different sections for maybe fifteen or so of his works, each with a short description and some examples. Most of the examples were actual pages drawn by god himself. It was really interesting to see the colors on them and how much he whited out on each of the pages. As for the different series, I was blown away by the variety of his work. There were very popular series like Jungle Emperor, Astro Boy, and Black Jack, and then things I had never heard of, like MW, Ode to Kirihito, and Bomba! Some were obviously made for children, while others studied more mature subjects, like sexuality, racism, acceptance, the government lies, hate, and self-loathing. Strange stuff. I am very, very interested in a number of Tezuka series now. I have a little list of things that I am hoping to magically find at a Book-Off. I wish I could have taken pictures, there was so much I want to show people. I nearly broke down after seeing an extremely depressing Jungle Emperor page. I couldn't help it, Lune just looked so sad. I can't wait to go back and be blown away all over again.

I didn't spend too much at the gift shop... I bought two small Black Jack prints, a Jungle Emperor Print, and two Black Jack postcards. Mike, Josh, Cedric, and I went to J-Town afterwards and I picked up Black Jack volume 3 (still missing 1, arg) and the first collection of a series of Black Jack stories drawn by other artists. Not what I thought it was, but very cool. I bought a number of other things, but they were just "oh, look the next volume of ____ is out" volumes. I did manage to get my hands on the special edition of the fourth volume of Pluto. It was pretty expensive, but totally worth it. It is oversized, has a number of color pages, it printed beautifully, and comes with a strange "manga notebook" with a story about a robot alien(?). I'm hoping Nur can help me figure it out.

The exhibit totally gave me Tezuka fever. I was so impressed by his works, I need to read more and more and more. I ordered Ode to Kirihito and the first box of Black Jack, and will be getting MW and Song of Apollo when Vertical brings them out later this year. Thank-you Vertical, you soothe this fangirl's soul.

On my "OMG NEED TO GET" Tezuka list:
~Princess Knight (first shoujo manga? Freaking awesome.)
~MW (going to get it from Vertical when it comes out!)
~Wonder 3 (LOL @ bad-tempered duck?)
~Jungle Emperor (Oh come on, how do I NOT have this yet?)
~Bomba! (Evil Horse Spirit GOOOO!)
~Crime and Punishment (So I guess the main boy has blondish hair? I always thought it was black.)
~Eulogy of Kirihito (Ode to Kirihito in english, out now from Vertical, YAY! I have it ordered. XD)
~The Vampires (Werewolves? I am SO there. Plus, Chippei is adorable. )

There are a million others, but these are some of the ones I really want.

I've also developed this interest in Rock Holmes, a character that Tezuka uses in a lot of series. He seems to be a good kid at the beginning, then turns into a bit of a jackass as he's used in other series. Interesting. I remember him in Metropolis.

If you are interested in Tezuka, check out this AWESOME site.

Lol. I haven't had much time to work on art stuff between work, family, and relatives. But I did get a couple character designs pages done for Bouson. I keep flitting back and forth between his human appearance and how he comes into contact with the other characters in this short story. Hmm.

I did get to do a little work on my picture for the One Piece exchange. Yay! I also have a head half drawn here... and with the size of the nose... it can only be Jet. XD
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