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Origin-Spirits of the Past

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Minna no Anime's Spring Quarter Movie

I think the meeting went well. We watched Denou Coil as our Fansub of the Week. It sounded like people enjoyed it, which makes me happy. I think the series is very good and would like to see its popularity grow. We finished Honey and Clover (season one), which made me love Takemoto even more than before. I have to make the amv I've been telling people my idea for now. H&C was very, very good. We also finished up Haruhi. Also a very good series. We finished up our "regular schedule" (I don't know how regular it can be if six of our series had finished in the last six weeks though...) with two episodes of Kyou Kara Maou, quite possibly the last we'll be showing as part of our regualr schedule. I still love the series, but it's too hard for people coming in to get excited about it, since we're already 50 episodes in. We'll find some way to show the rest of the episodes... maybe afterhours or something.

At our big break I announced the winners of our Speed Grapher and Ayatsuri Sakon contest. We had some AWESOME entries. The Haruhi Dance Group performed again and (I think) did really well, except for me. The book I use for our ending fell down my pants and into my pant leg about half way through. =\ Erika, who is entering AX Idol, sang for us. It was really, really good. Then we watched a couple of good Haruhi amvs and got ready for our movie!

This quarter we watched Origin: Spirits of the Part, known in Japan as Gin-iro no kami no Agito (Agito with Silver Hair). Not the best movie by any means, but interesting and I think it was a good choice for our last movie of year. Warning! There may be spoilers in this review!

After an experiment to promote plant growth in poor locations goes haywire, plants destroy much of the world and become angry. Now the forests are dangerous places. The people of the future have split up into at least two seperate groups: the people living in Neutral City, who try their best to live with the forest, and the people of Ragna, who want to destroy the forest. Agito is a boy of Neutral City, caring for his father and having a good time with his friends. One day, he stumbles on a Stayfield, a sort of stasis-pod for the people of the past and wakes up Toola. As a person of the past, she is confused by how the world has become. The forest reacts negatively to her and believes she will cause the world to burn... and Agito is the key to prevent it...

Like I said before, not the best movie, but interesting. The writing was a little bland at times and a couple of the scene changes were too long. I like interesting scene changes a lot, but I'm not very excited to look at a black or white screen for thirty seconds before showing something important to the story.

The world that was created was really interesting, so it's a bit of a shame to use it only for a movie. I think the idea of "enhanced beings" is really awesome. These beings are people who go into the forest and gain its power. If they use this power too long or too much, they will turn into a tree. The Ragna Army looked pretty neat, and Neutral City was just so much fun to see. I loved seeing how they makde things work and how the homes looked.

The animation was pretty cool, but the cg was pretty crappy (on par for a Gonzo production, unfortunately). There were some good moments with the cg, but the bad ones overshadowed them. Come on, Gonzo, bad cg is not a good thing. All of your series would benefit so much if you spent a little more on the cg!! It didn't make up for the bad cg, but the backgrounds were gorgeous. If I could get posters of them, I would.

Okay! Character time!

Toola-18 year-old girl from the past. The forest believes she will burn the world

Shunack-23 year-old from the past who works with the Ragna Army to destroy the forest

Yolda-45 year-old woman who acts as the leader of Neutral City. She has been enhanced.

Hajan-45 year-old man who works hard for Neutral City. He has been enchanced. He is Cain and Minka's father.

Agashi- 50 year-old man who worked hard to create Neutral City along with Hajan and Yolda. He has been enhanced and is now immobile. His son, Agito, cares for him.

Cain- 16 year-old boy who is Agito's friend and Hajan's son.

Minka- 13 year-old girl with a crush on Agito. She already works and it popular with everyone.

Agito- 15 year-old boy who acts first and thinks later. He travelled all around the world with his father before living in Neutral City. After finding Toola, he has an overwhelming desire to protect her which eventually leads him to become enhanced.

Agito is, hands down, my favorite character of the movie. He's adorable! I guess his one track mind does get annoying after a while... I'd say a good 50% of his lines are "TOOOOLAAAAAA!" He's got a good heart and strives for what he believes is right. After he becomes enhanced, he looks even cuter... but I think tht's because of his tight little shirt and belt wristbands. And... his power level goes OVER 9000!!!!!! No. Seriously. He also gains the power to cut through bad cg!! Go Agito Go!

I want to make Agito's outfit... maybe not for cosplay, but just because I want it. All the clothes were really cool. I'd like to make Agito's first outift too.

To sum the movie up: Pretty animation, gorgeous bkgs, ugly cg, slightly sloppy story, awesome clothes, generally cool characters. I'd say it's worth watching, but maybe not worth buying.

...I really wish I could have paid more attention to the movie, but some people were being pretty rude and talking at about 90% speaking voice for a good part of the movie. It made me SO MAD! It's not that hard to whisper when you're sitting next to each other. Consideration, people!! BE CONSIDERATE. Not. That. Hard. I apologize to anyone that I was snappy to after the movie, I was just really angry.
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