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Yaoi represents maturity?

I was reading some old entries on cyborg009, and ran across a message from a girl who claimed to be mature because she doesn't like yaoi anymore. Wait... what? Out of curiousity, I checked her journal to see how old she is... She's seventeen. She was about fifteen when she made that post (the comm doesn't move very fast, haha). Now, I didn't even get into yaoi and BL in general until I was about eighteen. Does this mean I'm really unmature? I mean, sure, I'm not the most mature person out there, hell, I know I'm not very mature when it comes to lots of subjects, but does your interests really reflect your maturity?

In other news, bluestraggler and I spent a lovely afternoon fangirling over Cyborg 009. This series deserves SO. MUCH. LOVE. We watched the first six episodes of the 2001 series (because last time she saw them, we just skipped through them) and skimmed through a random episode of the 1979 series. We had way too much fun and of course, we looked for every hint at our pairing... 004x002. ♥ We went downtown to look for Raven Dancer leggings and fabric for our Cyborg 009 costumes, but came up empty handed... until we went to the local toystore and found spark guns! Now we just have to paint them (...although we won't be able to see the sparks then...) and we'll have our blasters! That's one step on that costume done!

Oh, and bluestraggler, I found out that there is an episode in the '79 series where Jet wears a tux. I shall investigate this and report back later.
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