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Report: Fanime 2007

Highlights Overall:
-jen_kat as a nearby table-buddy
-Getting hugs as Shanks
-New Kino poster
-Adorable commisions <3

Still had to paint Wataru's sheath, so I stayed up until about 1 getting that and a bunch of tiny things done. Ugh, so tiring. I did get my Pokémon 10th anniversary CD. XD I listened to it as I worked.

Woke up at about 5:30, so I took a shower and made a sign for the Artist Alley table. We ended up heading up a little later than planned, but it turned out okay. We listened to my new Pokémon CD and a Penny Arcade podcast on the way. We arrived at the convention center at about 11:40, picked up our badges, and signed in at the Artist Alley. Then it took two trips to bring everything to the room. The harness for my Wataru sword broke. D= I was able to fix it that night with two rows of handstitching and generous slatherings of hot glue. I had to get changed into a costume, because it felt too strange to be in regular clothes at a con. I put on my Daisaku costume and joked a lot about the Robo x Daisaku pairing. I do love my Shota Shorts.

Nat had an interview and Alex and Amanda were not at the convention yet, so Nur and I headed to the dealer's room and I found some awesome figures. THEY HAD CYBORG 009 FIGURES. I bought all that I could get my hands on... which was only four. I'm only missing Smirnoff Albert and Jet. We decided to check out a Black Jack movie, but the schedule lied to us and there was no Black Jack movie. Alas. Nur and I joked more about Robo x Daisaku and people thought I was Light from Death Note. It turns out Light's outfit is just like Daisaku's... except for the Shota Shorts. I think more people would have asked if I was Light if I didn't have my Robo figure with me. Thank-you, Robo. =D

Alex and Amanda arrived, so we got their stuff in the room and hung out until it was time for the swap meet. I didn't find as many things I wanted as last year, but I was still able to get some cool things.

Nur and I headed to Kinokuniya at about 9. I bought waaay too much, but I'm really happy with what I got. Then we headed back to the convention to check on our table in the Artist Alley, which Alex, and Amanda, and Nat were manning. I ran up to the room to change into my Wataru costume. UGH. If I'm going to wear this for AX, I need to do a ton of work on it. I worked at the table for a bit, ran around the dealer's room for a bit, got snapped at by some power-hungry staff member for no good reason, broke my sword (Accidently!! And it's only the end of the handle), gave up, and got changed out of my costume. I changed back into Daisaku and worked more at the booth. I had to run around at 2 looking for the place to sign in for the Webcomics panel, but I finally found the place and everything worked out. I thought the panel went really well. We had the girls from Thunder and Lightning, David from Population: Us, and me on it. Thank-you to everyone who came and supported us! Alex and I hung around until the Funmation panel (very educational) and the Bandai Entertainment panel (I got an awesome Haruhi poster!).

Nur and I watched the booth for a while, then prowled the dealer's room. At 2 we headed to Yamaga-san's Gurren Lagaan panel, which was very awesome. Yamaga-san gave us little drills like Shimon/Simon's. I'm wearing mine right now. I can't wait to get my Shimon costume together!! At 4:30, I headed to the One Piece gathering (it was Shanks day for me), and had a really good time. I grabbed a spot in line for the masquarade and hung out with friends until the masq started. It was probably the best one I've ever been too. I had multiple friends in it, so I was really excited to see them perform. Congrats to the winners! You were spectacular!

We packed our stuff and took it to the car, sold stuff at the table, and prowled the dealer's room once more. On the way home, Nat, Nur, and I stopped in Gilroy for some food. It was SO SCARY. Too many people!! ...and they were crazy, crazy people, too!

All in all, the con was very tiring but a lot of fun. I have many cosplay plans and ideas for next year. XD

-Super Awesome Otogi Zoshi Shirt - Very few people know about this show, but it is so very awesome. For $5, I couldn't pass this up.
-ORLY Hat - I got this from the Gaia Online booth. It's such a cute hat, and the wings can be used at gloves!
-Kodocha v1,2,5,6, & 7 - all for $15 at the swap meet. Not bad. =3
-Cyborg 009 Figures - 009, 003 and 001, 005 and 006, 007 and 008... I want 002 and 004 to complete the set! T_T
-Overman King Gainer Sara Model - it was only $20, and O. K. Gainer needs more love... She's an awesome figure, I just wish they had a Gain or Gainer figure too. =(
-s-CRY-ed Figures- A Kazuma (WOOO, FINALLY!), and a Kanami (...that's her name, right?). The Kanami is the alt version... but whatever.
-FFIII Figures - Sooooo cute! I have a knight and a white mage. Originally, I had a black mage, but I traded her for the white mage with Alex.
-Tonainu (???) no Chi Figures - Also soooooo cute. I have no idea what this series is, but I couldn't resist the figures. I got Rin, Keisuke, Nano, and Arubitoro.
-Shirabansho (??) Figures - They had them at Mitsuwa, and they were really cool. I got a dragon guy and a tiger guy.
-Robot Figure - I got the one I wanted... the one by the mangaka of Tegami Bachi. So cool.
-Utawarerumono Figure - I only really wanted Hakuoro, but the one I got was cool too.
-Gundam Models - Because I really wanted to work on new models! I got AMX-003 Gaza C and RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom. They were only $7 each. XD
-To the Top 2 figure- Her name escapes me, but it's ummm... Aneki.... you know, the main character's aneki. She has a scarf and goggles.
-KINO POSTER - omg too sexy. It seems like I get a new Kino poster every year. I hope this continues.
-Free Haruhi Poster - I got this for attempting to answer a question. It's really big and really awesome.
-Ookiku Pencilboard- Too cute.
-Neuro Pencilboard- Too awesome.
-Amatsusuki blah blah something somethin maybe Pencilboard - Although I can't recall the title of the series, the board is really hot.
-Two commissions from our table neighbor - A pencil sketch of Jyuu-chan and a colored picture of my rp character Keiashi. <3

Well, I think that's all for now. =3
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