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Our hotel room is nice... we were scared that we'd be crowded having 6 people in a single room, but it's actually the same size as a double with what seems to be a slightly bigger bed. I've already had major costume issues. T_T I think I'm done with Wataru for this con... it's really painful to wear, no one knows who I am, the armor is all wrong, and staff members keep telling me that I have to put away my sword... Which kills me, because the only way people would get hurt the way I wear it is if someone ran into me. And was really, really tall. Our book isn't selling well, and I have a headache, so I feel very blah right now.

But! I've spent way more money than I should, but I got some really awesome things... I got a new Kino poster, Cyborg 009 figures, lots of other aast figures... really awesome stuff. So. Much. Money.

Anyway, off to the webcomic panel!
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