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My projects are in, my work is done, it's... Fanime time!

I ended up staying up much later than I wanted to last night... I found I had too many little things to touch up. I'm really going to have to redo a lot of my Wataru costume if I'm going to bring it to AX.

Anywho, I'll be cosplaying as Wataru (Brave Story), Daisaku (Giant Robo), Shanks (One Piece), and Temari (Naruto). If you see me wandering (I'll probably be the only Wataru and Daisaku, hahaha), say hi! I'll also be in the Artist Alley selling 5pkbc's Bleach doujinshi, "Gao! Gao!" We'll have some other random things for sale as well. Aaaannd, I'll be at the webcomic panel on Saturday at 4pm.

In other news, my Pokémon X (Ten Years of Pokémon) cd came in. I wish they had full versions of some of the openings, but it makes me so stupidly happy I love it. ...I've also been using this icon for a year now. I made it the first day of the last Fanime. Hmm.
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