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Wait.. What was that, Disney?

I'm watching Beauty and the Beast as I get odds and ends of my costume done.

There are some good lessons in this movie, but at the same time... True Love at 21? I'm 22 and have little clue what love is(...besides what I feel for Kino, of course!). And what is the Beast's name? Beast? I looove it when they use alternately colored lines... for example, when Gaston is walking away in a huff after being turned down by Belle, his lines are red-brown... so cool. Belle falls in love with the Beast as a beast... I understand that she falls in love with him and not his appearance, but what if...?

In the previews (lol, this holiday season, we bring you... ALADDIN!!! Gotta love my vhs), I think they call every movie "the greatest animated film of all time"

Okay, here are some more strange things in the movie...
-In "Be Our Guest," they mention that they've been under the spell for ten years... the Beast isn't quite 21 yet, so he's 20. That means he was ten when he turned away the wtich lady. Jeez. All kids are brats at that age.
-If you think about it, the servants are pretty disgusting.. I mean, the faucet lady pours water out of her nose. They clean dishes with that water.
-This is a big castle not too far from the town... so why didn't anyone seem to know about it before they storm it?
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