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One down, ___ to go!

Ah. Ah. Ah.

My magazine has been turned in. It's very, very stressful to think about... It is worth 70% of my lab grade in the class, and if anything is wrong (spelling, layout, bleeds, colors, ANYTHING), it's going to cost us 10% of our grade to fix it. I nearly developed an ulcer trying to make sure everything was in my folder before I turned it in. I had to have three printed sets of pages and a CD, and the printed pages had to be just right, and the CD had to have four folders with multiple files in each and gaaaaah, it was so stressful! I wish I could feel releived now that it is out of my hands, but I just feel so anxious. I checked it over multiple times, but what if something is wrong? I don't want to lose 10% of my grade. D=

I'm nearly done with drawing my part of the doujin for Fanime. I really only have one or two more panels, but they are going to be serious panels, not ones I spent a couple minutes on like some of my crack panels. I need to get them done today or early tomorrow.

The Wataru costume is well... coming along. I made the base of the slipcover yesterday, and it doesn't fit quite right, but I think I'll have to pretend it does, because I really don't have much time to fix it. I also spray painted the blade of the sword (and the bush, and Sarah's frog, and the ground, and part of the sidewalk). It's pretty shiny, but I sort of kind of like it like that. I'll put another coat of paint on today. Today I need to make my boots, belts, and finish my hat. If I get one of those three done, I think I'll be in good shape to finish this costumes (version one at least) by Thursday, when it needs to be done.

ARRRG, but I still have to write about the newspaper I have to create now that the magazine is done! And I need to create the logo and front page for a critique that will be on the Tuesday after Fanime... And I need to write my part of the paper for my SUCCESS!!!! class, which is actualy Web Estimating but the teacher wants to teach us about succeeding in the real world today. Or something. Anyway, bleh paper for that. I don't think it will be hard or anything, I just need to figure out exactly what our group is trying to say.

...and I can't forget about finishing Viz corrections. I think this will be my last set of corrections before Fanime. *crosses fingers* I hope so. There aren't too many in this set, so I think I'll be fine if I just do them in the A/V booth during club.

At least I woke up really early today (*mumblemumble*stupid body), so I have more time to work! WOOOOO~!

I updated my costume progress entry. Now I need to go sew a shoe... and hope it turns out similiarly to the other one. I fear this will be another con season where my props outshine my costume a million times over, hahaha. XD
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