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Weekend of Toil: Day Three (End 1)

The day went well! We had a lot of volunteers and sold a good deal of chicken. It just happened that the health center was open in case of emergencies, so they let me go in and get my foot checked out. By this time, the pain had gone down quite a bit but it was swelling up. The doctor said I had a above-average temperature and elevated pulse in addition to the pain in my foot, so she concluded that the injury was probably infected. About half an hour later, pentox is with me at Rite Aid buying the $103 perscription she told me I needed to get. It seemed like the choices were this antiboitic or wait and see how it is tomorrow AND if it has swollen up more I need to go to the ER. I chose the (most likely) less expensive of the two. A lot of people think that the swelling has gone down, so that makes me happy. It is hurting again, but I think that may be because I've been up and down all day. If it swells up more, I think I'm going to turn in projects early and head home for the week, because I cannot afford health care where I have no coverage. Here's to hoping these antibiotics do the trick!

But yes, Open House (although stressful, painful, and long) was a success. Pictures will come when I'm not passing out in front of my keyboard.
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