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Weekend of Toil: Day Three (Beginning)

Friday was... interesting. I painted Merry's horns and ended up stabbing my foot with something that was lodged into the carpet... some sort of... skewer or something. It was pretty deep but didn't bleed until I decided I should probably wash it out or something. I think the act of standing up just rushed the blood does to it. Oh well. I bandaged it and all was well. I mean it hurt, but there wasn't much I could do about it. At fourish I brought some stuff for the club booth to campus and checked us in. Over the next three hours, we slowly gathered the parts for the boat and put it together. (Well, the wooden part at least) For some strange reason my ankle started to hurt really badly. After putting most of the booth together, I found it was really painful to put much weight on it. A short while later, it hurt to put any weight on it at all. When I got home, Jenn wrapped it (haha, luckily I needed athletic tape for my Shanks costume, so we could actually wrap my ankle. =D), then I took a shower and it felt quite a bit better. Right now, my foot is a bit swollen and it hurts a little bit, but I think I'll be able to walk around today. Hey Minna members- I'm really sorry that I was just sitting on the sidelines yesterday. I'll be more helpful today.

There was a plus side to this strange injury! Jenn and Nur princess-carried me. I liked that a lot.

Today is our big day! My nerves woke me up a bit before four, and I'm ready to go! Mentally, at least. Other club members will be here at 6am, and then we'll transport the boat part of our booth and a million tiny pieces to campus to set the rest of it up. We'll be between the library and the math and science building! Come check out our booth! (And buy our chicken!)
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