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Weekend of Toil: Day Two

Well, it's raining. Chicken cutting went really well and our price signs are nearing completion. But, it's raining. The forcast says that tomorrow with not be rainy, but I'm pretty damn nervous still. Cardboard Boat + Rain= One Big Sloppy Mess.

I was reading the rant in "Hey Answerman!" just a moment ago. Whoa. So many things I'd like to pick apart in it. I have few problems with his opinion, but some of the things he said sort of anger me. Like, "But instead of the 26 episodes that this series should have gotten, it's like the the writers just didn't care anymore after halfway through the series." Does this guy understand that they decide how long a series is waaaaay before it airs? Or that the animation for Haruhi is simply amazing and maybe they wouldn't have been able to afford another thirteen episodes? Or that the series is based off of a series of novels that (I think) are still coming out? Research before rant, please! (I don't know if I'm one to talk about that though >_>;;)

And, from the forums discussion on this week's column:
"Now, now, don't lump YYH with Recca as cheaply-animated, especially when you compare it to Togashi's manga."
Whoa. They are both pretty cheaply animated. And I love YuYu, but don't say that the manga is better than Flame of Recca. FoR's art is much, much better (imo, of course), but they're both completely awesome in their own ways.
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