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Fandom, why you gotta hurt me so?

pentox was kind enough to give me an external harddrive for Artemis on Thursday! I think I shall name him Butler, because Butler is always backing up Artemis. XD Thaaaaaank-yooou, pentox!!!! ♥♥♥

On Friday, my parents were in the area, so we all went to Hearst Castle and took two tours. OMGITWASSOCOOL. I took over 200 pictures, so when I find myself with more energy and less work on my hands I'll upload a few. We kidnapped Nur and went to dinner, then Barnes and Noble, then Bali's. I finally actually completed my Artemis set by picking up the Artemis Fowl Files. It was on sale. XD I technically don't have a physical copy of The Opal Deception yet, but I'm pretending that my audio book version counts. =3

I haven't had a good chance to watch a lot of the new series coming out, but I did take the time to watch the two latest Reborn episodes.


I couldn't watch whole episodes... it was really, really bad. I just wanted to see him get the X-Gloves! Even the opening is blah! The best looking part is with Mukuro and his buddies! WTF! Where is my sexy Tsuna action? Oh man, how can the anime be that ugly when the manga is that pretty? It hurts. it really does.

But the manga! Hot as ever! Check this out:
Thanks ImageShack!
The leftmost picture of each characters is them when they came into the story, the rightmost is how they currently look. WHY DO THE BOYS HAVE TO BE 15? WHY? I didn't make the image, I nabbed it from here, which has .....interesting examples of the animation in Reborn. T_T

...now back to Viz work. Yay! Yay! And then homework! And boat building! And doujin drawing! And and and and I want to go back to sleep. T_T
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