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One nice thing after another!

First off, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY electricgriffon!!!

Second, ARTEMIS CAME IN YESTERDAY! He's beautiful. ♥ I loaded lots of software onto him last night, and am currently ripping Brave Story so I can work on my GrC429 Independent Project at school. It looks like my proposal was approved... I get to make a Brave Story AMV for a grade! XD He doesn't have much else on him right now... just a couple anime episodes, a handful of songs, a couple AMVs... I'll start work on volume 27 of the series I'm working on for Viz as soon as I finish volume 20 on MackeyII.

Speaking of that series... I got the second round of corrections today. Not too bad, I think I'll be able to get through all of them tonight. But this pushes my schedule for volume 20 back a little bit. I was hoping to finish it by Sunday... now it looks like it might take a bit longer. Oh well, I'm still ahead of schedule.

I was going to spam you with pictures of Artemis, but I haven't taken the chance to take picture of him, so I'll have to settle for this screencap I took when I was updating some programs.
Thanks ImageShack!
Hahahaha, update the updater. Also, if you understand the meaning of the folder on the desktop, you are made of win and awesome. XD

Nur and I stopped at the mysterious pyramid in the graveyard here in SLO. It is the grave of the Dorn family... the father, mother, and son are all buried there. There was a Free Mason mark on it, so we think Fred Dorn, the father, might have been pretty high in the Free Masons. On the back, there is a carving that says, "Disturb Not the Sleep of Death" or something. It's pretty cool and pretty creepy at the same time. Unfortunately, there was a lot of garbage strewn around. Nur and I are planning on exploring the graveyard and taking pictures later... maybe we can clean up a bit of the mess as well.
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