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Well, at least the week is over.

Ahh, the first week of school is over! Only nine more (plus finals) to go! I have quite a bit of work to do this weekend, and I couldn't bring myself to do any of it today! Whoops.

Yesterday I ordered Artemis, my Mac Book Pro. I'm really anxious to get him in. He should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday. Also yesterday, we had a huge group over to work on our boat (or BoB, as pentox calls it). We got a ton done. People came over today as well, but Nur and I were out for most of the time. I am very, very impressed with how many people came and have been working so hard. Thanks guys, I am very, very impressed.

Nur, Nat, and I headed downtown this afternoon. I had to send some stuff to Viz via Fed Ex. Then we got Belgium Frítes and went to Barnes and Noble. I got the latest copy of Giant Robot magazine to use as a reference for my magazine. It also features Gloomy Bear!! I also got the latest Genshiken volume, which is OMGSOCUTE. It's such a great series.

To Do:
Proposal for 440
Proposal for 429
Pages for Viz (This will actually never be done... not unless I get fired I think....)
Correct pages 5 and 6 on volume 17
Start work on 133 project
Thumbnails for 440
Color picture
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