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Argh, Choices, choices!

I've decided I need my laptop soon. Very, very soon. I was going to hold out until I got my first check for this new series I'm working on for Viz, but progress getting things done has been slow.* Then I was going to buy my laptop when I sent in the invoice for the first volume of work, but things have been slow.** Now, I go into the bookstore to see what they have in stock, and find out they're going to have a deal (free $80 printer) in a couple weeks... ARG. Should I just get if from them in a couple weeks? I really feel like I need to get started on some of these projects on a portable machine, but I might be able to hold out... I'm really leaning towards ordering my laptop tonight or tomorrow through the Apple site... I can get free shipping with it, and I get a $100 rebate offer on one of the printers they have... and I can buy my case through their site... I don't know... Can I get opinions?

*I got the first volume done quickly enough to make me happy, but it took my editor a while to get corrections back.
**Now that I have finished the mountain of corrections, I'm ready to send in the real pages, not just a PDF. ...but he wants a another PDF. Maybe it needs this extra check because of being in the magazine? I don't know. My editor is awesome, but I just wish I could get this volume completely done soon!!
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